Our house, is a very, very, very fine house….

Walls! We have walls! By Wednesday there may even be a roof! It’s really starting to look like a house.

Here’s a look at our view at the lower pasture (and our neighbor’s horse that’s decided to visit) from the door to the back deck.

Squint a little and you can see the silver which is Clear Creek. This is the view from the bedroom. It’s amazing how loud the creek is! In the winter, once the leaves fall it’s going to be even more beautiful!

Me – cheesing it up.

Now how about some less-than-stellar knitting photos?

Here’s a look at the finished Ozark Diamonds scarf. I think I need to reblock it. Not enough stretch on it the first go around.

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It’s midnight and I really should be in bed but I’ve been knitting instead.
This is the Arkansas Diamonds Shawl by Natural State Knitter.
Isn’t it lovely! I’m using Malabrigo Lace in Marron Oscurro that I bought last fall at Taos Sunflower.
I’m really excited about this shawl and am hoping to have it finished to wear next month while we’re traveling for the lavender business. In fact, I’ve set a goal of finishing a repeat of the middle chart every other day. That’s the diamonds and the elongated diamonds. Thirty-six rows of ninety-nine stitches.

I may be crazy.

Don’t tell.


(yes I see all of those glaring glurbs of error and I’m ignoring them. wouldn’t you when you’re facing a deadline?)


I fixed part of biggest problem by removing the dadgum stitch markers!

Now it’s just so much easier to see the pattern as it develops instead of counting the pattern! Talk about flow issues.

Of course, I’m not saying there won’t be more errors but decidedly fewer I believe.

Thanks for such a lovely design Kay! And the compliment makes me feel ever so much better.

Keeping my reading glasses handy helps too!


dans la nature

While I’ve been busy not posting I’ve been busy knitting.

I found I really like the organization of the three knitting projects – one for Tulsa, one for travel, and one for the farm. Usually I’m only in Tulsa on weekends so that project often makes the slowest progress. But it is a good time for knitting lace.

So here’s what’s currently OTN – by location –

Tulsa – Arkansas Diamonds
A beautiful lace rectangle scarf design that I’m test knitting for a friend. The pattern will soon be for sale on Ravelry! I’ll post on the blog when that happens. Until then, it’s top secret and you’ll just have to drool and consider me very lucky test knitter.
I’m using MadelineTosh Pure Silk in the Mourning Dove colorway. Beads are pearls in a lovely purple/blue. I’m loving this design, yarn, and pearls. It’s going to be a dressy romantic drapey scarf. Perfect for when a woman wants to feel good about her feminine nature.

No photo here folks…just brown stockinette!

Farm – The Equinox Yoke Pullover
This is from the Fall 2006 Interweave Knits and designed by Michelle Rose Orne.
For the body I’m using a dark chocolate fingering weight llama yarn. The colorwork will also be in five llama yarns and four alpacas. The llama yarns are from Country Garden Farm and the alpaca yarn is vacation yarn from Paris, bought at La Droguerie. Thus far I’ve finished the front body up to the arm holes and have the back about half finished. After the main body, then come the sleeves which have quite a bit of colorwork. Then you add the sleeves to the needle with the main body and begin THE YOKE! Oiy Vey.

Travel – Triangle Leaf Shawl
A Natural State Knitter design. In fact, Kay’s hand dyed yarn! The photo doesn’t do this yarn justice. The true colors are a fall brick red and deep olive green with the occasional tidbit of brown. It’s as rich as the woods in autumn! It’ll soon be offered as a free download on Ravelry so check for it there in the coming days or weeks.

The Leaf Shawl is perfect travel knitting. The pattern repeat is easily memorized and goes smooth. I recently took it with me to The Woody Guthrie Festival and got in several rows while listening to music at the Brick Street Cafe not to mention a few rows waiting for the shows to start in the Pastures of Plenty.