Winfield bound!

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Congratulations to Kay from Norman, OK! She’s the lucky winner in our naming contest who suggested Manique as the name for our new dress form.

We’re leaving today for the Walnut Valley Festival – commonly referred to as Winfield. Because stock can change dramatically during the festival season I’m removing all of the paypal buttons in the online shops until the festival season ends. If you’d like to purchase yarn, please send an email from THIS PAGE with the fiber type and colorway. I’ll check the availability and send you a paypal invoice.

If you’re not familiar with Winfield, it’s a large international guitar festival held each September in Winfield, Kansas. Official competitions include not just guitar but banjo, dulcimer and fiddle too. Thousands of people will show up to camp, play music, and have a good time. Check out some of the videos on YouTube for WInfield! The other thing about Winfield is there a lot – and I mean a lot – of people wearing tie dye! I’ve got mine ready!

I’m reknitting several patterns for display in the Lost City Knits booth for the festival season and having a heck of a good time doing so. Yesterday I finished another Monarch, this one in lace llama. I bumped up the needle size to get more openness and a larger shawl. Using the larger version (available as part of the most recent download) I also modified the Fringe Chart a bit. As you may remember on the last Monarch I knit only row one of the Fringe Chart and bound off on the back side. I liked that so much I did the same thing this time! The edging points are pointier and the Fringe looks much more butterfly-like to me. If you’re knitting Monarch – I recommend this modification!

I’m also knitting another Maaema, this one in the Wool Tussah Silk Fingering, bumping up the needle size to an 8US this time and adding beads on row 2 and row 7 of the set – up on each end. Fun!

There are four projects in my knitting bag for Winfield. I just never know what I’ll want to work on between music sets and customer rushes.

How many projects do you take with you when traveling? One big project or several smaller ones?


3 thoughts on “Winfield bound!

  1. It depends: am I driving (I usually am) and how much down time I'll have when I get there.

    I *always* take a sock. Even if it's just a skein of yarn and a basic toe up idea.

    If I have more time or a project I'm really loving, I take that as well.

    Although, I've been known to take 2 knitting projects, a pad of drawing paper AND embroidery floss.

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