Arts Festival Oklahoma!

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The Autumn festival season began this past weekend with a short trip down the turnpike to Oklahoma City for the three-day Arts Festival Oklahoma on the Oklahoma City Community College campus. This was our second year at AFO and we really hit it off this year with a new booth location and some mighty fine weather. While Saturday was hot, both Sunday and Monday the temperature remained in the eighties, and everyone was delighted the Sunday morning’s cool front signaled the end of an especially hot summer here.

This was our first trial for a new set up which we’ve jokingly dubbed The Wall of Yarn. The yarns on the wall are the wool/tussah silk from Oklahoma raised sheep. In fact, our friends Sue and Nanc, the sheep farmers, arrived early Saturday morning to see the full range of colors that their sheep turned out to be! I think they were happy. When we picked up the fleeces from Sue and Nanc they were all white – okay not really white but what passes for white sheep for who live on a real farm. Being able to hang the skeins grouped in color ranges makes it easy for the customer to say, “I like blue” then see – and fondle – plenty of yarns in her favorite color. On the tables there are llama and alpaca yarns in baskets, sock yarns on another hanging rack and merino yarns on their own display as well.

I don’t know why but there are still people who are completely unaware of the popularity of knitting. It’s exciting to explain that – no, knitting isn’t a dying art and no they don’t have to settle for the old yucky chunky itchy acrylic yarn sold in craft and hobby big box stores.

As for my Finish or Frog goal – well – I’ve already fallen off the wagon. During the drive to OKC I made plenty of headway on the Bryn Mawr Skirt and even knitted down to the toe of the first Burlesque sock during slow moments on Saturday at the festival. I was feeling so good that I cast on another project. Here is an almost complete Monarch Shawl in the Wool Tussah Silk colorway called Summer Plums. (I’ve upgraded this wool from Sport to Worsted after doing several more wraps-per-inch tests. When you see it in person, you’ll understand why!) Look at the fun color play in this yarn.

Monarch Shawl in Summer Plums colorway
Burlesque Sock

Upside down Bryn Mawr Skirt

Employing a book light for car knitting on the way back to the farm

As I said, this is almost complete, only two more rows on the Fringe Chart. I’d like to finish it tonight. I’d like to finish the toe of the Burlesque Sock tomorrow night. I definitely like to finish the Bryn Mawr Skirt this week as well. All three are possible – especially if I don’t sleep or eat.


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