The Frog or Finish Challenge

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My friend Kat (one of the moderators of the Tulsa Ravelry forum) has challenged the Tulsa knitters to a “Sh%# or Get Off The Pot” September. The gist is that the people who accept the challenge go through their WIPs (works in progress) and either frog or finish.

That’s a mighty big challenge! I don’t know very many knitters who are completely monogamous, working on one project – start to finish – before casting on another. I’m sure they’re out there – I just think they’re a minority in the knitting world. Could be I’m just being defensive though.

Usually I have one to three active knitting projects in rotation. And… maybe five or six in various stages. Okay, maybe seven or eight. I deny any rumors of ten or more WIPs.

I have accepted Kat’s challenge. She’s a big enabler who likes to encourage her friends to cast on new projects. I think this is her balancing that “You can do it!” cheerleading. Of course it’s likely she may just have a need to clear out her own WIPs and wants some company.

First off – it’s wise to be honest about what is “active”.

1) The Burlesque Knee Socks are rocking along. I’ve almost finished the first one. They’re in the regular knitting bag. They get a lot of action, in fact, they’re further along than this photo.

2) There’s also the Bryn Mawr Skirt, which I haven’t even had a chance to blog about because it’s so new. I bought the yarn on Monday. It’s been a hectic week so I’ve only had a little time to knit on it, but on the drive to/from Tulsa for the market I managed to get almost all of the first ball of yarn (and it requires five) finished. That’s 20% complete!

3) Then there are the Lingerie Socks. They’re still “active” – sort of. I’m on the foot of the first sock and it requires quite a bit of attention. I’m still in love with them, but they’re too intense for me to work on right now.

I still haven’t cast on the Vest #20 but the yarn is in a baggie with the pattern. It’s safe from “frog or finish”.

4) In the back up knitting bag is my Cloisters Shawl. It’s gorgeous and I intend to finish it this fall or winter. It’s fairly mindless so it’ll be a good project to work on during down times and travel to/from festivals. I can stop in the middle of a row and still not lose my place.

5) There is also the sweater from hell, the Nonpariel. It’s really down to the sleeves and button band but call me bored to tears. After this much work I can’t frog it. It must be finished this fall/winter.

6) I have the big llama stole with horn beads on gigantic needles, it’s in rotation still and sees some love at least once a week. On the seat of the rocker is a good place to keep it visible. It probably just needs ten hours to finish.

Uh oh… that is six WIPs. I haven’t even delved into what exists in the bins or the cubbies. Oh and there’s that wicker basket beside the rocker….

This could get ugly.

More to come…


6 thoughts on “The Frog or Finish Challenge

  1. I'm so glad to see someone else has more UFOs than I do. 😉 ATM I have three projects in the running. I have gotten DOWN to three because I'll be traveling soon and I didn't want to take too many with me. When leaving for ten weeks at a time, I take the UFOs with me and get them finished before I come back. Ha! Does that make sense? It works – sort of…. 😉

  2. My mom is one of those minority monogamous knitters! I have no idea how I can be her daughter because I listen to ALL my yarn talking and begging to be on needles!
    I must have 10-15 WIP's….and if I think I have that many, there MUST be more. Yikes!
    I got a good laugh out of your post. Thank Kat for starting it!

  3. You have some amazing WIPs. Gorgeous. I can't even imagine what's hiding in your cubbies and baskets.

    In my little knitting group we do have one monogamous knitter. The rest of us make fun of her.

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