Summer Tuesday Special August 23-25

“Wait! What’s with the name change – isn’t it supposed to be Summer MONDAY DYEPOT Special?

If you’re asking this question – you’re on to me. 

For this final (yes FINAL – Fall is coming!) SMDS, I’m doing a little something different. First – it’s not Monday. I wrestled Monday down, sat on its chest and gave Monday a firm talking to. Which included such statements as, “I’m claiming this day! It’s all about me! I don’t care what the calendar says – it’s my day!”

Then I proceeded to drive into Tulsa and have a day that was all about me. A spiffy new hair cut, an eyebrow waxing, some yarn shopping (more to come on that). I’m sure all of my readers will understand my delay with the Monday Special.

Just to throw another twist into the SMDS, on my way back to the farm I decided that this week I’d highlight Naked Yarn. Not one but two Naked Yarns! Below are two of our undyed (hence nakedness) Oklahoma Llama Yarns.

If you’ve not knit with llama before – here’s your chance to try it at a discount price. The llama is a cousin to the alpaca so you have some idea of what it is going to be like. I have llama yarns mill spun with 20% bamboo to cut down on a little bit of the halo (and shedding) and enhance the drape.  Both of these yarns come from llamas that belong to our farmers market manager who lives in Chelsea, Oklahoma. Lisa has been raising prize winning llamas for decades. I think you’ll like what Lisa and I have partnered up to bring you in the way of llama yarn.

Llama Lace Naked Yarn – 440 yds $25.50 (regular price $30)
A soft heathery gray/brown. This yarn is a great choice for an Autumn shawl.

Llama Sport Yarn 220 yds $25.50 (regular price $30)
A warm charcoal with a hint of brown undertones.


Thank you to everyone who has purchased yarn during the Summer Monday Dyepot Special! This has been great fun for me and hopefully for my customers as well.

There are a few new things coming on the Lost City Knits website in the coming weeks. Our fall festivals begin with the Arts Festival Oklahoma show the first weekend of September. While we won’t be on the farm but a few days at a time between shows during the coming three months I’ll keep yarn available on the website but we’ll have a new method of purchasing that will allow me to make sure I have the colorway you desire in stock before you make your payment through paypal. When I’m selling at a multi-day festival yarn can fly off the racks at an astonishing rate and I may not have a chance to dye more between shows. I don’t want my online customers to be disappointed if they purchase a colorway that has sold out so I’ll be checking stock and sending an invoice for yarn instead of using the Add to Cart button.

I plan to get as many of the colorways photographed as possible this week and next, including the new Sock Yarn. Edited to add – the new sock yarn is ready! Go here to see the colorways now available!

While it’s still hot out most days there is a nice hint of Autumn in the air here in Oklahoma. With the little bit of rain that we finally received (and I do mean little) the grass is less brown and crunchy and the lower pasture is green again. I’m not quite so worried about our water well going dry. Schools have started in Tulsa and surrounding colleges as well. I think the luna moths have had their last hooray too. Surely this signals a turn of the wheel, doesn’t it? While said wheel of seasons may groan and move sluggishly for another month it’s time to push forward for a bit of fall knitting. And if I’m not mistaken, some people have even begun their holiday knitting!

Happy soon-to-be Autumn everyone!


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