Trunk Show at Stringtown August 13th!

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Next Saturday Lost City Knits will be on the road again! We’ve had a long stretch of Saturdays at the farmer’s market in Tulsa and it’s time for a change of pace so I’m dusting off my travelin’ shoes, loading the van with some great new yarns, and driving to Fort Smith, Arkansas for a trunk show at Stringtown Yarn & Fiber!

Stringtown is a fun yarn shop owned and operated by Elabeth. The shop used to be in a wee little space in the back corner of a building, but now Elabeth has moved the shop into a larger space that really allows her to stretch out! Chris and I drove up to Ft Smith not long ago and I was excited by how much larger the new shop is and how much parking room there is as well.

One item is making its debut next Saturday – our new Knee Sock Yarn! Shown here in a few of the colorways (there are more – I promise – this photo was taken several days ago), this large skein of wool/bamboo/nylon weighs in at a generous 130 grams. The general rule of thumb is that a pair of socks requires 100grams of fingering weight yarn. We think this big skein might be about right to make a nice pair of knee socks – which are going to be the rage this Autumn and Winter. Of course, the amount of yarn needed depends on your foot size and how long your legs are, doesn’t it?

Several months ago after I shipped off the wool for the sock yarn to the mill I called them and asked, “can you add a little extra twist?” The answer was a definite yes. The result is a springy yarn that I think you’ll really enjoy. I know I am! Yes, I’ve already got a pair of knee socks on the needles. The springiness of this yarn gives it more elasticity to help combat the problem of socks puddling around your ankles or into your boots or shoes. That’s never pleasant.

Also on hand will be plenty of new colorways in Wool with Tussah Silk Fingering and Wool with Tussah Silk Sport. There will of course be the ever popular Oak Barn Merino along with llama and alpaca yarns.

We look forward to seeing you at Stringtown Yarn next Saturday! 

If you’re not in the Arkansas or Oklahoma area – don’t worryKnee Sock Yarn will soon have its own online shop very soon.


4 thoughts on “Trunk Show at Stringtown August 13th!

  1. They're Beautiful!!!
    Wishing you the best selling all those beauties, but when you get back to your dye pots… the brown/purple? Ima wantin' some of that :^)
    I'll be back the 17th, I'll email you then.

  2. I'm excited and making my shopping list now. I've got a scarf OTN and I think I might be in a kind of scarf mood this fall instead of a gazillion socks. Good thing all these yards are in fingering weight for my scarves. See you soon.

  3. Ooh, those are lovely. I can't wait to try the new yarn…sadly, my bank account says I have to wait. 😉

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