Salsa Fest 2011

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For those of you curious about Salsa Fest. Let me start by saying it was 99 degrees Fahrenheit at 9pm. Yes, the sweet season when peppers begin to turn red. How’s that for putting forward a positive attitude during a heat wave?

Below are a few of the chihuahua race participants. Some participants sported costumes, some were going casual in their everyday attire and one poor dog was dyed or spray painted green. My bet is the winner was the green dog who may have been trying to escape from its owner.

If a festival is good, there needs to be some hooping. Just my opinion….

One of the salsa recipe contestants was also a Luchadore! Here’s El Castigador (the Punisher) whose pepper of choice is the ghost pepper, reputedly the hottest pepper in the world. One of the rules was that the salsa contestants had to use at least one local ingredient and El Castigador shows several items bought at the Cherry Street Farmers Market that were used in his recipe.

Here’s another salsa contestant. No Luchadore mask, just a smiling face.

And of course one of the best reasons to attend Salsa Fest – the salsa dancing!


2 thoughts on “Salsa Fest 2011

  1. relaxed life, i like big dogs more, like Golden Retriever, Chow Chow, etc, I always it is cool to take them out for a walk, while I have to admit that Chiuahua is also lovely. Wish you all the best. Greetings from China.

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