Summer Monday Dyepot Special July 11-13

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It’s time for Salsa Dancing!
Here in Oklahoma we’re experiencing a wicked heat wave with temps well over 100F. This past Saturday at market people were lined up despite the heat to buy what is the veggie farmer’s most awaited produce – the tomatoes! Everything from little cherry tomatoes to slicers to the season’s first heirlooms were on display early in the morning. By mid-morning those same tables were bare. Everyday cooks and chefs alike were loading up on the lush red-orange fruit.

Next week the hottest thing going in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma will be the annual SALSA FEST sponsored by Elote Cafe! There will be a home made salsa contest, and the winners will drop hundreds of pounds of tomato culls from the top of a building downtown. Braver souls than I will endure a hot pepper eating contest. There will be chihuahua drag races. And…salsa dancing.

To celebrate the hot and spicy summer we’re having this week’s special colorway is Salsa Dancing! Offered in Oak Barn Merino, Wool Tussah Silk Fingering and Wool Tussah Silk Sport.

Salsa Dancing in Oak Barn Merino

Salsa Dancing in Oak Barn Merino $25.50 (regularly $30)

Salsa Dancing in Wool Tussah Silk Fingering

 Salsa Dancing in Wool Tussah Silk Fingering $21.25 (regularly $25)

Salsa Dancing in Wool Tussah Silk Sport $21.25 (regularly $25)

And just to get you in the salsa spirit here’s a quick video LINK about Tulsa’s Salsa Fest!


One thought on “Summer Monday Dyepot Special July 11-13

  1. What on earth is chihuahua drag racing?
    Do they dress the chihuahuas in drag and then race them?
    Do humans dress up as boy and girl chihuahuas and race?

    I'm confused…

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