Progress on a Sock and a Secret!

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While many people are on vacation during the summer, it is a busy season here on the farm what with harvesting sunflowers for market, and with making soap and dyeing yarn for the fall festivals and shows. Some days I even eek out a little time for knitting!

I’ve pared down to only two active projects thinking that two is enough for diversity and yet not so many as to be stressful. Thus far my strategy is working. I’m making some progress on the Lingerie Sock ( now that I’m using size 0US dpns. For the beginning chart I used 00US dpns to have a tighter cuff and to avoid the weird look of slouch socks that went out of style two decades ago. (thank goodness!) The 50/50 merino/silk yarn is slickery soft and beautiful. A perfect choice for the Lingerie Sock. As you can see I’m well into the extended gusset that slowly forms the width for the ribbed heel.

L sock flat heel

Lsock flat leg

The charts can be wicked – only because they’re large and there are two for the leg and two for the foot. The pattern itself is easy though. My management tool for the charts required a small amount of tinkering. I thought about when I read a Russian novel I have to make a bookmark that allows me to track all the characters and the multiple versions of the names and that I like to put one family on each side of the bookmark to keep straight who is related to whom.

Lsock heel

So I taped the right side leg chart on one side of a piece of 7×9 cardstock (an old file folder in this case) and the left side leg chart on the flip side. Because I think this might be a decent project for car knitting (you can stop at the end of a dpn without having to sit in the parking lot annoying your partner by saying “let me just get to the end of this round before we go inside”. ) I don’t want to use a chart keeper with magnets or carry a ruler to lay beneath a row to keep track of which row I’m knitting. Each dpn holds a section of the chart. Right side leg has two sections as you can see in the chart below. I used a fine point Sharpy to write the row number at the beginning of the second section of the chart (aka second dpn). Then I employed the same method for the fourth section (aka fourth dpn). It works like a charm! I’m already on row 38!

Lsock Chart B
LSock Chart A

I don’t expect to finish these socks quickly – partly because I’m also working on the new shawl design. It has a working name but while it fits the project perfectly I’m not 100% settled on it yet. We’ll just keep calling it The Secret for now.

Test Knit 2

The shawl is coming along nicely so I can show you a few photos. Knit from the bottom up it has no peaks and points on the border this time but plenty of open work!

 Test Knit 1


3 thoughts on “Progress on a Sock and a Secret!

  1. Ok, I'll admit the lingerie socks are beautiful. I wasn't 100% sold on the yellow color, and I'll admit, I was wrong. They're gorgeous, dear.

    And that is a lot of open work on your new secret shawl. I'm guessing Triangle!
    I can't tell if those are triangles or leaves…maybe a “Girls Best Friend” shawl? So pretty.

    I have to admit, I'm tempted to try do the Rock Island Knit a Long at Seasons of Lace. Oddly enough, I don't want to wear it, I just want to knit it. The openwork looks so fun.

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