Yarn, Wine, Secrets, and Socks

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My Pecan Grove scarf in the colorway “Wine and Roses” is finished! This is the simple Pecan Grove scarf knit up in the Wool Tussah Silk Single Ply (fingering weight). I love how this yarn takes the dye to a deep vibrant level. Wednesday at market I overhead a customer comment (while looking at this scarf and holding it upside down) say that the pattern was hearts. I kind of like that, and didn’t even think of explaining the  opposite leaf pattern and the significance of the Pecan Grove at the Walnut Valley Festival.

Last Saturday I bought a copy of Cookie A’s knit, sock, love and yes – I want to knit every sock in the book! Well almost every sock. I’ve tried knitting the Monkey socks before and they are entirely too big for my dinky petite foot. The majority of the patterns come in more than one size, which is a plus since feet come in – yes – more than one size.

One of the things I love about the book is that many of the socks are shown in fairly solid color yarns. I’m a fan of the solid and tonal sock yarns. Almost all of the yarns, sock and not sock, in my stash and from my dyepot are solid or tonal. There are a few skeins of busy hand-painted yarns in the stash. But as a hard core lace knitter I want to put extreme stitches, lace and texture, into my projects and that usually calls for a less visually active yarn.

As I said, this is a book that makes me knit my way through every pattern. That’s saying a great deal. This urge has only happened twice, first with the Haapsalu Saal book and now with knit, sock, love.

First though I have to finish a few things. A new lace triangle shawl design is on the needles. I can’t show you much – but here’s a peek… Wool Tussah Silk Fingering in colorway Secluded Copse. That’s all the hint I’m sharing, the rest is a secret.

I also need to finish the Lingerie Socks. Yes, I cast on the wickedly crazy lace socks in the new Knitty.com. Because I have the afore mentioned dinky foot ( a Euro size 34) I cast on with 00US dpns, and moved to 0US dpns after the initial chart. I’ve opened a basket of crazy with such tiny needles but every gal needs a pair of extra girly socks that never get shoved into boots or shoes, right? (Let’s hope I finish them because I’d hate for them to join the four other singleton socks marinating in the WIP’s bin.)

At dinner on Wednesday night I perused knit.sock.love again. (I’m having a problem keeping my hands off of it actually.) This a gorgeous book, the photography is splendidly done by Laura Kicey and I find it incredibly inspiring. I want to be one of the models, wandering around shoeless with gorgeous socks in the woods, by dilapidated buildings, perched on ladders… Sock knitting is still a booming business and some people are completely addicted, and with the continued excitement of such things as Sock Cruises and Sock Summit, Cookie A. knows her audience.

For those of you who’ve already bought succumbed to knit.sock.love you’ll be glad to hear there is a Ravelry group devoted to the book. It’s kind of a support group – support to help you knit through the patterns type group. Since there are nineteen patterns you know it’s beyond anything a twelve step program could tackle.

As I write this blog post I’m patiently waiting for a new shipment of Oklahoma raised wool (blended for sock yarn) with bamboo and nylon to return from the mill. I’m trying to control the giddiness, really I am. When the new yarn arrives and I get a few skeins dyed up, I think I may just begin with the Hedera sock, the first one in knit.sock.love and quite possibly work my way through. You know I’ll need to use them as gauge right? Yep, that’s my excuse.


4 thoughts on “Yarn, Wine, Secrets, and Socks

  1. Oooo, that Pecan Grove scarf is beautiful!
    You are such a tease with the new lace triangle shawl pattern! Hmmm, I feel some test knitting in me bones….
    (I'll be in Victoria, Canada July 10-14…..just in case.)

  2. Gorgeous scarf!
    And I am being good and waiting to cast on for those particular socks until I get at least one of the three pairs I have on the go complete… but those socks… they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine!

  3. Yes that is a gorgeous scarf. I do not knit, but I have a friend who I will pass your address to her. She will love your blog, as I do even though I am not a knitter.

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