Random Friday Post

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I’m going in so many different directions so here are a half dozen random topics that are swirling around in my mind and in my hands.  There are a dozen more…

1. My new Pecan Grove in Wool/Tussah Silk Lace (colorway Wine & Roses) is almost complete. In fact, I may finish it this weekend. (It’s further along than this photo shows.)

Pecan Grove at 50% complete

2. I’ve queued Tibetan Clouds Stole again and think I’ll knit it using Wool/Tussah Silk Lace in colorway Embers. Yeah – orange! The skeins are wound but I don’t plan on casting on until maybe September.

3. Tess has battled the wild boars again. Chris has her at the vet right now for stitching. I need to learn how to stitch a wound and insert a drain tube on this dog. (eta: according to the vet these wounds were made by a beaver. The hair is shaved by the beaver tooth as it enters. TMI?)

4. Have you seen the new Lingerie Socks on Knitty? I’ve got to have a pair!  I may be crazy.

5. My friend Colleen showed me these stockings from Vogue Knitting. Dang. Gorgeous! Loved but not Queued. Maybe I’m not completely crazy.

6. The sunflower harvest has begun. I like harvesting sunflowers. You don’t have to stoop and the rip of the serrated sickle against the thick column is rewarding.

Martha likes to follow along sometimes despite the fact that she overheats easily. Silly dog.

6 thoughts on “Random Friday Post

  1. I love the lace stockings, and have a friend who would LOVE them, but they're not in my queue…
    That pic of you in the sunflower field may be my favorite.
    Your new Pecan Grove is lovely.
    And I worry about your Tess…
    Happy Friday

  2. That wool/tussah silk is so pretty. It's as distracting as looking throw a prism.

    Those lace stockings are gorgeous, but I'd want to knit them in a light fingering weight; something I don't have in the stash. And since I'm going to be doing baby stuff fairly soon, I don't know that I have time for them.

    …although the husband would definitely not be disappointed if I wore them.

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