What a weekend!

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Rare is the weekend that we fit in two events, but we managed to do just that last weekend. Saturday we went to Cherrry Street Farmer’s Market as usual. Despite the calender reading the middle of May, it felt more like March. When we arrived at market around 5am for setup, here was an odd mix of farmers in coats and hats and bare armed in t-shirts. Because we’d been without internet and don’t have a TV we’d missed the forecast change before we left the farm Friday afternoon. We were among those underdressed for the forty-something degree temperature. In fact, my sister’s partner, Amos, was kind enough to leave his sweatshirt with me before heading home with their veggies.  (Thanks Amos!)

Despite it being cold there are always a few shoppers hardcore enough to come to market in any weather. Thankfully we have a great collection of vendors as well who supply about anything the local-vore wants!

Here are some photographs I snapped while doing my shopping.

Care to dance a little jig?

Two of Tulsa’s well known potters, Kevin & Joe discuss clay or something equally messy.

Spices anyone?

Since there was an Irish band playing I assume this is one of the wee folk!

Laura carries on her heritage by weaving intricate Cherokee baskets.

Bet this guy looks great in a kilt!

Sunday was the second annual Tulsa Spring Fiber Fest. Last year we missed this event due to a conflict with Norman May Fair. I’m so glad we were able to attend this year! It was great to see the amazing fiber artists with everything from jewelry (only a few non-fiber related artists are accepted), handspun yarn and roving, raw fleeces, and of course, more yarn! I didn’t get a chance to wander around with the camera – although Chris took a few quick photos of our booth before things got busy.

There are several different philosophies when you’re at a fiber event like the Spring Fiber Fest. Some people hold with the walk around – see everything – then buy. I’ve decided that it’s too easy to miss out on something special – especially if it’s a one-of-a-kind item. I spotted a gorgeous skein of handspun at the Sasser Farms booth early in the day. I told myself – sell something then you can shop  – and walked away. Wrong tactic! By the time I got back to the booth that special skein was gone! I did manage to scoop up several other skeins from Lisa Sasser, only one of which I can show you (the other is a gift).

I also picked up two new sets of stitch markers from Somer Knits which are already in my knitting bag! Check out her etsy site and see some of the fun stuff she makes.

Our friend Briana of Bifftastica did get some great photos – so I recommend you check out her blog!

What’s up next? This coming weekend is SWAK Knit Out!!! (I try hard not to say KNIT OUT!!! without screaming wildly and flailing my arms about. It’s hard though, but it tends to frighten the non-knitters who don’t understand how exciting and inspiring this event can be.) Classes with Fiona Ellis, Jane Thornley and Franklin Habit and a Lost City Knits Trunk Show!


6 thoughts on “What a weekend!

  1. Wow!
    The pots and baskets at the market are gorgeous — before my arm gave out, I used to be a potter…
    And your yarn booth looks terrific, all those lovely colors! Not to say Chris and the lavender aren't very nice as well!
    Wish you were closer~

  2. Last weekend was miserable for our farmers market up here too. As I was walking down, rain dripping down my back off my umbrella, I thought of you; and how happy I was not to be a vendor. I'm sorry you had the same crappy weather.

    And your yarns…oh, yum.. They just look oh so gorgeous. Just seeing those colors brightens my day.
    ….ok, it also gives me yarnlust, but whatever.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cgirl – did you catch the new hand turned nostepinnes? Christopher's newest addition to the line up. He turns them from windfall trees from our farm – so far we've offered red cedar and black walnut.

    I'm trying to sweet talk him into turning some wooden yarn bowls as well….

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