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Remember these big bags of wool? 

We estimated 200 pounds of wool filled the two bags of raw fiber brought back from our visit to Cordero Farms. That was a pretty close estimate. Lanolin accounts for around half the weight of raw wool. The first batch was sent off to the mill in April and contained about 50 pounds of clean fiber. The last of the second batch was washed this morning and is now drying on racks in my studio. While I’m excited (and mildly impressed with myself) about getting all of the fiber cleaned within a reasonable time and just ahead of my mill date, I must admit that cleaning fleeces really never grew old. It can take several days to a week for the wet wool to dry and I have staggered fleece washing with dyeing yarn and soap making for months now.

What am I to do with all of the free time now that fleece washing is over for a little while? Free time? The current mill order should arrive shortly and there will be hundreds of skeins to dye. The angustifolia (commonly called English) lavender cultivars are spiking and will require harvesting. There is always soap to be made, markets and festivals to attend and of course – there’s knitting, designing and cooking. If the weather is right – I may just sit outside and enjoy the view or read a book. Or maybe I’ll take a nap.


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