May Morning Shawl Pattern Now Available!

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The ancient Celts believed that washing one’s face on the first day of May with the morning dew would enhance a woman’s beauty and health. This simple leaf pattern incorporates silver-lined size 8 seed beads which, if the sun hits them right, glisten like dew drops on fresh spring leaves. 
People have asked me several times when the May Morning Shawl would be released and my original goal was to release it on May 1st. Our busy spring festival schedule and even rain caused a slight delay. But Thursday morning, while the dew was still on the tall grass, we took the shawl to the east pasture for a photo shoot. While I’m a week late I’m pleased to say it’s now a FREE download on the Patterns and More page!
This design is knit from the bottom up without a center column. Four beads per leaf are used on the first seven repeats, two per leaf on the next five repeats, and one bead per leaf thereafter. Why? Beading on long rows quickly wears out knitters new to beading lace so I’ve designed this shawl as an introduction to beading. However, if you’re experienced with adding beads to your knitted lace, by all means add as many as you like!

The May Morning Shawl 
Wear it and celebrate your own health and beauty all through the year!

Happy Knitting Everyone!

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