It’s spring. Yep, you already knew that and so did I, but there are times I forget about some aspects of spring in Oklahoma. We Okies get so busy enjoying the first flowers and the days of sunshine that a deluge of much needed rain can leave some people cranky. Dogs however just know to find a good dry spot to sleep. Today as I was washing fleeces in the studio I had the dutch door ajar just to enjoy the sounds of rain and two of our four dogs decided the studio was the best place to hang out. Martha the Terrible cowered in the closet and Stormy stretched out on the bathroom floor. I guess the studio has the Two Dog Seal of Approval.

Our part of the state has been in a burn ban for some time and here on the farm we’ve been dragging hoses around and watering new lavender plants, old lavender plants, sunflower seedlings and the herb and flower beds. The rain and thunderstorms began late last week and won’t let up until maybe Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

Generally speaking I don’t mind the thought of being stranded here on the farm if the roads become impassable. One friend asked if I had plenty of food and books because she knew I had plenty of yarn on hand. Check, check, and check – all good. This coming weekend we have a three day show in Norman, OK and as long as we can get out for that and the weather is bright and sunny on those days I’m perfectly content to stay where I am until then.

The good things about a deluge include a great frog chorus, the abundance of things green, often a good lightening show, and having the fields watered. One of the not-as-good things about a deluge is brown water coming from the tap. The creek is rolling with brown water and quite loud. We’re on well water and naturally that means what comes from the tap is effected by whatever Mother Nature is doing.

Another aspect of spring is the emergence of snakes. Now, I’m generally a snake lover (because I am a hard core mouse/rat hater). Tess is a curious dog and she had her first encounter with a copperhead last Friday. She’s fine now, after a visit to the vet for two shots, pills, and a jar of swabby stuff for the swelling.

For those of you in Oklahoma and curious about snakes and would like to know more I suggest If you’re not in Oklahoma find a website that shows and tells about the snakes in your area. A deluge like we’re having is likely to bring out the snakes that had, until now, not emerged from hibernation. Not all snakes are venomous or dangerous. It helps to understand and be able to spot the difference.
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3 thoughts on “Deluge

  1. I am so glad you have yarn! That is always at the top of my list!
    I lived in Arizona for over 13 years before moving to Washington. I was so used to shaking my clothes and shoes before getting dressed. There is hardly anything venomous here and it took me some time to stop the clothes and shoe shaking!

  2. Thanks for the snake site, it will come in handy.
    This rain does bring out some interesting things. We kept hearing some birds last night. I swear I have never heard this sound unfortunately I couldn't see them, but they made a beautiful sound. If I had dry wood I would build a fire, crazy!

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