Wearing Crazy Pants

When I finished the Maaema Scarf I made this deal with myself to finish one other WIP before casting on a new project. Usually I’m pretty good at this little game. Not this time though, before long I found myself pulling on a pair of crazy pants.

First I worked diligently on my Nonpariel Sweater. The goal was to finish it up before the one year mark, which is in May. But when I finished the second front and pinned it to the back section I knew I was in trouble. The armholes were too short to reach my shoulders so I created a little saddle shoulder section and seamed the body together. It looks decent. But I lost steam and haven’t started the sleeves yet.

Nonpariel Sweater
Nonpariel Sweater

To divert myself from the notion that the sleeves on Nonpariel would probably need tinkering to make them fit I cast on the Moonlight Sonata by Kay Meadors using a new black dyed llama yarn in lace.

Midnight Sonata

(I know I know – it’ll be up in the online shop this week) I’m cheekily calling the colorway Amy Winehouse because it reminds me of her lines of mascara. (It’s available in Oak Barn too – well when I get it up on the website anyway.) This is a sweet little crescent shaped shawl, mostly stocking stitch with beads until you get to the border. It’s going nice but beads aren’t always good in the car. I felt a little guilt and the crazy pants were snug when I tried fastening them after starting the new shawl.

Overdyed cashmere & a treat!

Then because I was a few days in deciding whether to use size 6 or  8 beads I cast on a second Maaema. The new one is done in a dark red cashmere cobweb, which I bought and overdyed because I wasn’t happy with the original terra cotta colorway. I love how the cashmere looks in the red and the pattern. The only hitch is I’m getting just a bit of catch on the joins of my interchangeable KP needles. Considering how smooth these joins are and that I’ve never had that happen before I think it owes to the lightness of the cobweb cashmere.

Maaema #2

The crazy pants were starting to get a little looser with two new lace projects on the needles. I was dyeing last week and came up with a new colorway, Extra Virgin, that has me over the moon. I’m particularly taken with the Extra Virgin in sport weight llama. In fact, I decided it needed a new pattern. Monday night I finished the hen scratches on graph paper and am ready to cast on. I’ll have something to show soon.

Extra Virgin in Llama Sport

 I’ve managed to reach the halfway point in my Cloisters Stole and the bright orangey/red of the Salsa Dancing colorway in Oak Barn never fails to cheer me. Maybe this colorway should be encouraged for people suffering from chronic sadness, bouts of miasma or saved for dreary day knitting when its positive effect is most needed.


Saturday at the Herbal Affair in Sand Springs was wonderful. It was a bit nippy in the morning but we wore layers and began peeling them off shortly after setting up. The whole day was sunny and a steady stream of business. I never had a chance to leave the booth other than to grab a quick sandwich. There were old friends, family, and new friends to talk to, and customers to enjoy. One customer spotted the Maaema and said – “That’s Estonian! My husband is Estonian. His mother grew up there and he speaks it fluently.” I was jazzed to chat with them. He roughly translated the word nupps (the nupps that I love) as buttons. I like the way that sounds, buttons, way better than telling people they are like bobbles which have the negative connotations of bulky 1980’s sweaters.

As I was helping another customer who was looking at the Maaema and buying yarn, and a second customer who was asking about the merino/angora for another project I got to wondering about how the Maaema would look knit in the merino/angora in Autumnal – the soft yellow. It’s been on my mind for two days now. If the original knit in 400 yards of lace was 60 inches long, how long would a scarf knit in 220 yards of light fingering be?  I may have to wind a skein and find out. Ahhh the crazy pants are getting soft and easy to button now.

Merino-angora autumnal
Merino Angora in Autumnal – will it become a Maaema? Only the Crazy Pants know…

Tuesday morning I woke up from a dream about knitting a large shawl from Haapsalu Sall by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi using the white Estonian yarn I bought last year. The fact that I’m writing this all down at 4:00am is another testament to the crazy. But really – I think I can wear the crazy pants comfortably now. They’re like favorite old Levis. Soft and warm and a little bit holey – kind of lacy in fact. Can’t you see a beautiful white lace shawl that takes forever to knit worn with a pair of faded Levis and maybe a leather cowboy hat?

Haapsalu Sall – inspiration
What do you knit when wearing Crazy Pants?
Wearing Crazy Pants

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8 thoughts on “Wearing Crazy Pants

  1. Hi crazy woman!
    I am knitting a toy lion, Maaema, a wool jacket, and I want to knit a lacey dress for my granddaughter…
    But, I keep looking at the Antarctic, and wondering if I can ever get into knitting with beads to finish it… It may return to Oklahoma, even though I love it!

  2. I LIVE in crazy pants. It's too much self-examination to even try to list the WIPs, suffice it to say i'll admit my carry along bag contains 3 and there is one on each of two coffee tables.

  3. I'm very proud of myself…I only have 3 projects on the needles: my potamous socks, my wings of the Goddess Shawl (awaiting beads) and my new sangiovese shawl! The first pattern repeat looks great in Amy Winehouse! I'm happy with it so far, only 79 more inches to go.

  4. Uh-oh…you're starting to knit like me…this is very, very scary. LOL! All of your projects look wonderful, as does the new colorway. I especially like the overdyed red…and “buttons”, yup, much better than bobbles. 🙂

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