Finding Comfort in the Blizzard

The much anticipated Blizzard of 2011 arrived and at last measure (around noon today) we had about a foot of snow here on the farm. (If you’re reading this from somewhere like Minnesota you’re probably laughing at our calling it a blizzard, but I’m just quoting the weather service.) It’s deep enough to make my legs ache from the hike out to the mailbox and back. Not ache – but scream. I’m certain I heard them scream. Several times. “Enough of that,” I thought to myself when I came inside and spent the rest of the day knitting by the fire.

The birds were crazy around the feeder this morning. The snow was blowing and they just puffed up their feathers and stood on the branches. Part of me wanted to shoo them away so they’d find refuge from the wind. The bigger part of me enjoyed watching them.

Morning bird watching

Most of the afternoon we had Katie inside. This is a rarity for Kate, unlike Tess gets to sleep inside all the time.

Katie – taken in the spring

Speaking of Tess, she’s taken to sleeping in the chair that is on the landing.

Comfortable – yes.               Graceful – no. 

4 thoughts on “Finding Comfort in the Blizzard

  1. Oh my, that Tess is SO adorable. And in her defense, don't you wish you could sleep like that some days?

    And what sort of dog is Katie? Her eyes remind me of Vdog's. She looks like a very sweet girl.

    Dang, I wish I had a pair of skis. I KNEW I should have “borrowed” a pair from the folks when we were visiting MN last.

  2. Long ago, we got a new couch and chair set from Sears, for a house we bought outside Boulder. The couch wasn't all that long. We had a new very large puppy, our beautiful Smokey. Well the chair arrived 2 weeks after the couch, and when it came, he looked at us with pride as if to say “Well, you figured out I needed a couch of my own! Good for you!” And promptly claimed it as his own!

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