First back, then forward

Another year closes and before I put it fully behind me I’ll spend part of today looking through my journal, looking through past blog posts, my Ravelry project folder and listening to some nice jazz.

One thing apparent is that I did accomplish my goal of 10 shawls in 2010. Here is the last one finished. The pattern is 198 Yards of Heaven and the yarn is Lost City Knits Worsted Merino/Silk in a colorway I dyed special to go with my mother’s winter dress coat.  It turned out nicely. That’s me modeling it, not Mom.

My daughter Hillarey and I took gifts out to my folks on Christmas Eve. Dad took a good photo of the three generations and then I snapped a quick photo of Dad as he was getting on Facebook. Yep, my 84 year old father is on FB! I think that’s pretty cool.

While I did finish more lace than you can shake a stick at in 2010, I also finished a few other knitted items like several pairs mittens, and made some progress on a nice sweater.  What’s still on the needles? Where do I want my knitting to go in 2011?

Good questions. As are what are my goals beyond knitting and dyeing? What about the garden and flower beds and the farm in general? What books do I want to read? Where do I want to travel? What about my spiritual life and personal life? What do I not want to repeat in 2011? What valuable things did I learn in 2010?

Are you Dear Readers making any goals for the upcoming year? Are you reviewing the past year? Are you writing things down?

One of the most enjoyable things about 2010 was reading blogs and sharing blogs I enjoy with other people. Thank you to all my online friends!

If you’re a blogger – please leave a link to your blog in the comments, 
another reader will surely enjoy finding you!


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2 thoughts on “First back, then forward

  1. I admit, I don't bother much with the whole “New Year's Resolution” thing. January's not the time of year for goal setting, it's more the time of finishing up. It's for coming down after Christmas, rejoicing in the returning sun and getting ready for doing the taxes.

    I don't get ready to set goals until sometime between Imbolc (beg of Feb) and the spring Equinox. Then I have another round of reflection and goal setting around Halloween. And reflection/goal setting occurs for me several times a year without me scheduling it ahead of time.

    Now I'm thinking about expanding the garden a little next year. More tomatoes, less Serrano peppers, maybe adding brussel sprouts. Contemplating adding rose or berry bushes to the front yard. Maybe adding on to the deck and creating a back patio this summer.

    Oh yeah, and seeing if I can fix our shower this weekend.

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