Home and the travel mojo

It feels so good to be back home!

Vacation in the Desert Southwest was wonderful in so many ways – good food, nice people and incredible natural sights. Just what you want from a get away, right? There was even time to knit in the car. In fact, I almost finished my Daenerys Shawl on the trip. Only one row and the bind off remained when we pulled into the lane of our farm yesterday.

Dragon Goddess on the road
Daenerys Shawl – somewhere in Colorado last week

I’ll share a few vacation photos here on the blog in the next few days. As always the Southwest inspires me and I’m already soaking yarn to get a little bit of dyeing done today. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US but I intend to be back in the studio on Friday to embrace the travel inspired mojo and create some great new colorways. 

This morning at breakfast I played catch up with my Yarn Harlot page-a-day calendar. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US and I think the Harlot has some great advice for family gatherings….

“I have learned not to mention knitting at parties full of regular people. Even though some people collect spoons or stamps, others go to sci-fi conventions, and still more sit watching other chase balls around on TV, it turns out that society has not yet advanced far enough for people to believe that converting string to clothing using only sticks could be even a little bit interesting.”

Stephanie Pearl McPhee
Yarn Harlot Page-a-day 2010
22 November 2010

Thanks Harlot for that sage advice. 



5 thoughts on “Home and the travel mojo

  1. I'm glad you made it home safe. As I read this, we're planning to drive to Chicago; 2 hours in rain, freezing rain and possibly snow.

    I'm planning on ignoring the yarn harlot's advice and taking my knitting along with me to Turkey-day. Along with board games. That way I'll be less likely to get really annoyed and tell some of the family what I really think of them.

    Wish me luck.

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