But I like brown.

In about ten days we leave for vacation. We’re going camping at Arches National Park and I need some warm mittens. Hats and scarves I’ve got, but I don’t have a decent pair of hand knit mittens.
Enter – the newest cast on.

I had the finger tip of one of the basic mittens already done and was just starting the main body of the hand, when Chris commented,That’s brown yarn.” “Yes it is,” I replied,it’s the brown buffalo yarn from that test knit I did for Buffalo Gold. I like brown.” He was silent for a few minutes and then said, “You should do something fancier with it.”  

You know, I think maybe he’s right. I hate that. They were going to be a wicked fast pair of mittens done all in stockinette with a ribbed cuff. In brown yarn. I’m not very colorful am I? 
Off to the stitch dictionaries I went and I quickly found what might work.  Thank you Barbara Walker.

The current plan – an allover deep waffle pattern. It’ll take me longer but they’ll be warmer right? The question is – will I have them done in time to wear on vacation?


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