The Slippery Slope

After the joy of finishing my Icarus shawl that had been languishing for nearly a year I gave myself a little talking to about getting a few WIP’s off the needles. I wanted to feel that triumphant joy again and Brandywine was an easy choice on which to focus.

Good news is that I’ve finished ten of the fourteen planned repeats. Bad news – I haven’t picked it up since returning from War Eagle. Truth is I picked up the charting for the Sangiovese Shawl that I’m designing and have been working on it almost every evening. A gigantic chart pad rests on my lap while I stitch and note each row. It’s coming along beautifully. Originally I thought I’d test knit this in silk. Silly me. Who in their right mind test knits a lace pattern in slippery silk? So what you see here is my test knit in Oak Barn Merino colorway Horseshoes with VanGogh. It’s purply-blue and I love this colorway madly. I’m also madly in love with how the pattern is coming along, but it’s just not travel knitting or mindless knitting at this stage of the game.
 Sangiovese Shawl

So back to that triumphant joy expectation from finishing the Brandywine Shawl by Romi (who is a brilliant designer!). I’m starting to feel what I thought was imminent joy going down that slippery slope. Why you ask? What often happens….I was diverted by a new pattern that caught my attention. Have you seen Anjou by Laura over at Fiber Dreams?

Yeah – I thought you’d understand. Now the question is…sock yarn or llama yarn?

eta : How did that Persimmon Sock Yarn get in my knitting bag. It’s all wound up nicely too.

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5 thoughts on “The Slippery Slope

  1. I so do not need another project right now, but I also love your Merino colourway, and the shawl you are knitting. I wonder if I can chalk up a purcahse to post dental inhabitions? Do you think anyone would believe me?

  2. I love my Brandywine, and you'll love yours, too – it's looking great! Not so thrilled with the Anjou at first glance – those leaves remind me of pineapple doily patterns which for some reason, drive me crazy.

    Did you post pictures of your finished Icarus or am I so scattered that I missed them????

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