Autumnal settling in…

Today is our first Saturday off since April.

We didn’t set the alarm, slept late, had a big sausage bagel (Pork N Greens sausage if you’re curious) and steaming coffee (locally roasted in Broken Arrow) for breakfast. All the while Tess the Wonder Dog went back and forth between us and beat a wild tattoo with her tail against the china cabinet (not really a china cabinet and we don’t really use china – but cabinet just seemed to vague).

I took a nice but short hike through the lower pasture this morning and the view of The Devil’s Backbone was splendid. The Devil’s Backbone is what previous owners called the high humped wall that includes the north facing bluff along the creek on our property. (I’ll share that story and some photos as the season progresses.) The leaves are turning yellow and fluttering to the ground with each slight breeze. It’s cool enough outside for a long sleeve t-shirt but not much more. The sky is overcast and helps create the mood that tells me to slow down and enjoy the changing season. I have no desire to rush through anything today. Black walnuts in their thick green coat are scattered across the ground and an easy way to twist an ankle, another reminder from Nature to slow down.

The wheel of the seasons has turned, and I feel happy and settled again. Autumn does that to me. Every time. The crazy busy spring and summer seasons leave very little time to actually enjoy living on a 250 acre farm. The ache in my body that cries out for me to slow down and enjoy my life eases with Nature’s change.

The chimney sweep will be out on Monday. Then we can begin using the wood stove when the temperature drops low enough. The earthy smell of wood smoke can fill your senses and slow your breathing just like smelling fresh baked bread, another winter treat for us. 

When the first heavy frost is crunchy on the ground it will signal the ability to walk in the woods again without fear of ticks or snakes. I’ll bundle in hiking boots, hand knit socks, scarves and hats for treks to parts of the farm we haven’t seen in months.

Animals are scurrying and preparing for winter and I need to do my part too. Birdseed is high on my shopping list.

I’ve missed reading my regular blogs lately. I’ve missed writing regular blog posts lately too. But it’s now Autumn and I’m settling in. Expect more rambling blog posts…


2 thoughts on “Autumnal settling in…

  1. Oh, black walnuts! Do you go through the mess and hard work to shell them? I remember doing that back in my young life, and what a job it was to get the small pieces of nut to bake with!
    It will be nice to read your words and see your knitting projects blossom as fall/winter settles in!

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