More Road Tripping with Yarn –

We did more road tripping with the yarn last weekend! It’s fun to show up at an event with yarn not knowing if it’s a festival that knitters attend. There’s a little questioning in the back of your mind that has you wondering what the response will be. When you’re setting up a festival booth you put your best foot forward hoping that it will be appreciated and enjoyed.
Lost City Knits

Then you wait….

A few minutes before 8am on Thursday I looked out of our big top tent and didn’t see many people lined up to get through the gate. That was unusual since most years there is an eager crowd waiting. What I hadn’t realized is that they were lining up the shoppers a little different this year. I was stoked already though, other vendors had already been shopping for yarn!

The good news was there were plenty of knitters in attendance over the weekend, not just from Northwest Arkansas, but people from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado!

There are sometimes people who walk by the tent and stop to fondle the skeins and ask – “If I unroll this thing will it look like that?” while pointing at a finished shawl. We smile, then explain that knitting isn’t instant gratification but requires some effort on their part to create a shawl, scarf, hat, socks or sweater. I’ve always believed that everyone has the ability to be creative in some manner. But sometimes you’ve got to encourage people to believe that they can do things for themselves.
Lost City Knits

Most knitters are the type people who are interested in not looking like the magazine advertisement, they want to do something unique. They love working with their hands, they like the feel of fibers, they feel empowered by turning the heel on a sock (for example). They are not knitting because it’s cheap and easy – they are knitting because they are creative souls. (end of rant)

There were plenty of people fondling yarn that haven’t knitted or crocheted in many years too. I spotted a few twinkles in eyes and expect several will be unearthing needles and hooks that haven’t been lovingly held in a long time. To those knitters and crocheters — welcome back to the craft!

Although our farm is across a state line and seventy miles from War Eagle Mill, there was a good response also to our line of Oklahoma Fiber. I was especially thrilled when I began talking to two women in the booth and discovered that one was the niece of my friend with the llama farm! I showed her the yarns, which include the name of the llama on the skein. She walked away with a skein of yarn from a llama named Montana – who she remembers from visiting her aunt. How cool is that?
*Correction! Susan is Lisa’s cousin – not her niece!*


Craft Fairs and Art Festivals are also a good chance to catch up with our artist friends, like Pat of   Goldenrod Jewelry. She makes beautiful earrings, hair slides, and yes  – shawl pins.
Jeweler Pat Bergman

I’m happy to say we’ll be home for a few weeks before our next show, which will be in Tulsa at the Garden Deva Open Studio (3rd and Trenton) where we’ll have the Clear Creek Lavender set up and Lost City Knits. The Garden Deva Open Studio is a funky and intimate little gathering of local artisans. Come out and enjoy the fun!


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