Road Trippin’

Tomorrow is the last Cherry Street Farmers Market for the season. It’s both a relief and sad. No more leaving the farm at 3:45am to be at market on time, but quite often it’s the last time we see some of our farm buddies until the annual farmers market meeting in January.

It’s October and time for our usual road trips, first Lost City Knits and Clear Creek Lavender will be heading to Memphis for the  Pink Palace Arts and Crafts Festival. It’s a great four day festival and we always enjoy talking to the lovely people with Southern accents, eating dry rub BBQ, and hanging out with the good friends we’ve made in the past few years. If you haven’t been to Memphis, this is a fine event and don’t forget to schedule a few hours to walk through The National Metal Museum.

Then we have a quick two day turnaround for the big  War Eagle Craft Fair in Hindsville, Arkansas (just outside of Fayetteville). This is a rockin’ good event and one of the biggest shows we attend. Crowds turn out in droves, in fact they line up at the gate each morning waiting to get in! As soon as that gate swings open – some of the customers break into a run to locate their favorite artists and see what’s new. (If you’re coming to War Eagle, you’ll find Lost City Knits in Tent Two!) The setting at War Eagle is beautiful and often at or near peak foliage color. There’s a working mill on the property and kids and adults alike will sit on the banks of the river and watch the wheel turn. Good times, good times.

Because we’ll be on the road for several weeks in a row, I’ll be closing the online shop until we get back from War Eagle. But – never fear – there will some exciting new items in the online shop when we get back!

If you haven’t joined our Facebook page yet, be sure to drop in and “friend” LostCity Knits. There are contests and conversations – and some mighty fine friends there. Last week Katherine from Nebraska won a free skein of yarn!

What’s on the needles? Well – a lot of things (probably too many) but the project currently getting my attention is the long languishing Icarus Shawl in hand dyed local llama. ::sigh:: Yes, I let it hibernate entirely too long. But it’s back in play and I’ve set a goal of at least one long row each evening. Good news is that I’m usually getting two rows done – so I’m ahead of my goal! 

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5 thoughts on “Road Trippin’

  1. Good luck and safe travels.

    Remind us when you get back, I realize that I need to buy some more soap, I've run out. It makes me sad, such quality is addictive.

    And did I see a hint about possible fingering weight coming?

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