Late Summer’s Local Abundance

We had a beautiful day yesterday at the Cherry Street Farmers Market in Tulsa. Here are a few photos of the wonderful things and people that you can see at CSFM on any given Saturday during a late Oklahoma summer.

Wheat grass and mums – one for the body the other for the beds.
Cosmetics made from local honey by Linda of Hilltop Honey. Sweet!
Peppers were the hot items in both Anna Katherine’s booth –
and Joyce Chillingworth’s booth.
Ear covers and scarfs with local llama yarn were on display by Country Garden Farm.
Chef Teri Fermo of La Bohemia Catering is one of Tulsa’s greatest.  Miss Teri’s Naughty Toffee is a favorite at our house as is her Lumpia Shanghai.
I was thrilled by this new local grain grown by the Yang Farm – Hmong Sticky Rice! It’s beautiful isn’t it? (I couldn’t resist you know I bought some!)
Carissa at Cosmic Cones has a hit on her hands. She uses fruits and veggies purchased from market vendors to create amazing shaved ice. The chai will give you a buzz and keep you cool.
This is Claudia of Vine & Branch Vineyard. Her table grapes are amazing. See that near empty table? If you wait till 8am to shop – you’ll miss out on these.
Farrell Bread – artisan and organic – try the Honey-Challah braids!
There are always interesting dogs walking on leashes. I can’t imagine ours behaving well in a crowd but these two seemed to have struck up a wary friendship.
Sometimes you even run into relatives at market. Here’s my big sister and her partner Amos.
Chris Fuller of Luna Bread knows his stuff. They’ve got breads, soups, and a new line of Cajun foods.
Our Manager Lisa and her assistant Don, a great duo that makes the market day run smooth.
Three Springs Farm is our neighbor at the market and they live across the county from us. This is Emily’s mother Nancy who helps out on Saturday mornings.
Good music is a nice draw at market. You’ll probably already know his voice from the radio show Folk Salad, but here’s Scott Aycock in person. He organizes the bands and sometimes performs on Saturdays.

My hometown, it can be downright tantalizing.  

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