A Good Day to Dye

The heat wave continues. It’s 6pm and still 102 degrees. Wicked hot. The interesting thing is that this heat means anything wet will dry quickly. Yep that makes it a good day to dye. So here are a few skeins of the Oklahoma Fiber that will be available at the Cherry Street Farmers Market this weekend and on the Oklahoma Food Coop next session. The top skeins are a wonderful blend of alpaca with tussah silk, the second rung are wool with bamboo.

Whatcha think? I played with the wool skeins to get the pink with orange in one colorway, and the blue with green in the other. I think they’ll reskein nicely.

new yarns!


6 thoughts on “A Good Day to Dye

  1. I just discovered your blog, and it is beautiful…….even though I am only a knitter-wanna-be. Gardening is my schtick (www.potagerblog.com), but you have inspired me to take it up this winter. Winter, what a lovely word when it is 103 degrees out!

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