Another Generations –

The larger version of the Generations Stole is off the blocking wires! We took advantage of the soft light outside this morning and got a few photos before the expected three days of rain begin.

Late last week I pulled out another stole to measure for length. Because I’m only five foot tall I don’t want a really long stole and decided that eleven repeats would be about right and keep the finished garment from swallowing me. Each repeat blocks to approximately five inches in the Oak Barn Merino. Add a few inches for the little crochet picot edging and I was expecting a 60 inch stole. 
Which brings to question – what is the appropriate length for a rectangle stole? Should it the same as your wingspan (finger tip to finger tip) which roughly equals your height? Do you want it to fall at your hips when it’s loosely draped around your shoulders? Or should it fall at your waist? The right length must be decided by each individual based on height, and girth as well. Any thing that falls at my hip or longer emphasizes my height (or lack thereof). A tall woman, however, can pull off a long draping stole and be utterly elegant. But for me – I’m pretty happy with the length on this one!

And to show you that I’m not the only person who’s styling lately – Chris (in a Utilikilt) and Tess – in the North Pasture.

8 thoughts on “Another Generations –

  1. they don't call this Green Country for nothin'. Chris looks like he could be coming in from tending sheep in Ireland!

  2. Ah, lovely photos! I really like the color of your stole! I'm on the 10th repeat, but I'm going to do at least 12, maybe 14, depending on how much yarn I have! I can't wait to finish, though.
    Chris looks great in his kilt, too!

  3. I love guys who have the ba…er.. courage to wear kilts. And Utilikilts are just the awesomest. I wish I could get my hubby in one.

    I have no opinions on stoles. I ran into this issue as I was working on my Triad stole, which was for a friend. I've never worn a stole in my life, and have no idea how big they should be. I went for “yup, said friend is about that tall. I'm casting off”

    Of course, that resulted in an enormously long stole after being blocked. I still have so much to learn about knitting lace.

  4. Both you and Generations looks lovely. I'm 5'4″, but short bodied/long legged, so I like a shawl to come to mid to lower hip level – somehow makes my body look a little longer and not like an olive with two toothpicks sticking out of the bottom.

    Love the utilikilt! Last summer, I was part of a small vocal ensemble at church. We sang “What the World Needs Now”, and we had a euphonium player – a big, burly, hairy, lumberjack-looking dude wearing a utilikilt. It was awesome! 🙂

  5. LOVE your man's kilt…..great photo. But the real reason I'm writing is to pass along my two bits on length: I'm short, too. But I like my scarves and wraps L O N G. I like flinging ends over my shoulders, around my neck, covering my head and shoulders in winter.

    GORGEOUS postings lately. I'm glad I'm catching up.

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