In praise of good tools

Yesterday at the Farmers Market my friend Amy, came by to say hi and chat a moment. Amy, although a non-knitter understands and appreciates knitting, she likes the fibers, the dyeing and the knitting. Yesterday I discovered she likes the tools too. Whether it’s a well-sharpened hoe for the field and garden, a wicked sharp slicing knife for the kitchen, a solid wheelbarrow or new leather gloves for pulling weeds, I think having quality tools is important.

Because my green Generations Stole had sold recently I draped my in-progress pale lavender Generations Stole across the yarn display stand. I’d slightly blocked it the week before so the pattern was easily visible even though the project was still on the needles. Amy admired my Knit Picks Harmony Wood Interchangeable Needle. Not only is this needle gorgeous to look at, as I explained to Amy, it’s a well-made tool with nice pointy tips, a good join that doesn’t come loose easily and doesn’t have that little “dip” where lace yarns can snag. The cables come in so many lengths that I’ve yet to have any problem with my needle being too short. 
Then I showed Amy the pretty stitch markers that were marking the chart separations in the needle. The stitch markers although lovely too look at are good tools as well. They don’t have little coils or joins or splits that could snag the yarn. Mine, from Crimson Orchid, were a prize in a knit-a-long and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. 
Amy took a few photos that I thought you might enjoy. 


3 thoughts on “In praise of good tools

  1. Beautiful shawl! Yes, it's important to have good gear – such as those cute little socky point tips. I have red ones. Also impressed with the stitch markers – I need to invest in some new ones. 😉 Good gear…good gear…

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