Market Day!

Most Saturday mornings we rise extra early and drive through the dark wee hours to the Cherry Street Farmers Market in mid-town Tulsa. The CSFM has been going strong for more than a decade and this year made the leap from a market squeezed into a parking lot to a thriving street market held on two blocks of Cherry Street ( or 15th Street if you’re looking at a map). The market is closed to vehicular traffic until noon, which allows ample space for customers to browse, walk, shop, talk, and gather. 

The market opens at 7am and the booths up and down Cherry Street were beckoning shoppers with dazzling color, tempting aromas and some of the best agricultural offerings from our state. Chris and I both took turns with the camera and we came no where near getting photos of all of the great vendors selling their wares today, but you can see a sampling of produce, flowers, meats, treats and crafts. 

Cherry Street Farmers Market – one of my favorite events in my hometown. 

6 thoughts on “Market Day!

  1. Lovely. I'm falling more and more in love with our local farmer's market every year. I got delicious goodies including fresh blackberries and peaches.
    I'd love to see your stall too.

  2. How interesting…a washboard player using brushes…

    Your farm market looks heavenly! There is a market within walking distance of our house. We've gone a few times, and it is so congested that we usually leave, frustrated, without buying much of anything. Seems the thing to do is to get twin strollers, plop a kid in one side, and carry your purchases with the other. Our farm market is constant traffic jam of dueling twin strollers…

    Romeo's workplace is going to be sponsoring a mid-week farm market in their parking lot starting next week. I'm going to meet him out there – hopefully people don't bring their strollers to work with them. LOL!!!

    Wish I were closer to Tulsa…

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