Hello Summer!

It was a billion (or maybe just 98) degrees outside yesterday so I stood over a hot cauldron in the studio for hours and hours. Of course, the AC was blowing in my face so spending the day this way wasn’t complete insanity. 

Here are some lovely lace merino skeins to replenish the Yarn Shop colorways of Bacchus, Blue Jeans on the Verge, and Grand Canyon at Sunset. There is a new green coming soon too, along with several other colors.


5 thoughts on “Hello Summer!

  1. Ohmygoodness. Those colors are amazing. And tempting. I'm tempted to go search Ravelry for something to knit with lace weight, rather than the cardigans/boleros that I've got lined up next.

    But I need those clothes. I'm cold all the time, and I can't find cardigans in the store I like.

    But diggity, are those oranges gorgeous.

  2. oh wow what lovely colors indeed . I love crocheting and kniting and would love to be able to crochet a sweater but never can find a pattern easy enough for a beginer . Oh well those colors are beautiful dear.

  3. so, who do I get to pay for the damage to my keyboard that happened when I drooled over your yarn?
    green….. I've recently discovered a pattern that I just NEEEEED to knit in green…..
    If only yarn purchases weren't listed under the “wishes” category, and thus drastically underfunded these days.

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