Ten Things, a Warm Shower and more…

Last night we had another Warm Showers visitor. Our guest’s name was Larry and for some reason I forgot to get a photo. If you’re not familiar with Warm Showers – it’s a bicyclist hosting community. If a touring bicyclist is going to be in your area he contacts you to see if he can crash for a warm shower, a meal or two, and a good night’s sleep. It’s an interesting way to meet people who have similar interests. Larry is our third guest from Warm Showers. Larry had delivered a car for another bicyclist who was participating in Free Wheel. Although Larry has ridden in Free Wheel numerous times in the past this year he chose instead to drop off a rider’s car and bicycle back to his home in Davis, OK. Larry and his wife run a Astoria Town Club  in a cool old 3-story brick building that dates back to the very early 1900’s. He’s also a high school math teacher. Larry was fun to talk with and it was interesting to see his rig. Behind his bike he pulls a trailer with his gear, including a small soda bottle with some wild flowers nestled into a corner. How can you not like a dude who does that? 
Laurie over at The Art of Tying Holes Together tagged me and part of the blog tag includes listing ten things about yourself that your readers may not know. So here goes…
  1. From the time I was 14-16 years old I rode a motorcycle.  A yellow Yamaha 80, specifically.
  2. Unlike most women, I despise buying shoes, mostly because my feet are very small – size 4.5-5. Many people think having small feet would be great, but it truly isn’t. Yes, I could buy children’s shoes but they are not built to support a grown person’s weight which makes them uncomfortable to wear after an hour. 
  3. I could easily eat an everything bagel with coffee six mornings a week, every week of the year. 
  4. I always have dental floss in my purse. (it comes in handy with those everything bagels)
  5. There is a celtic heart tattoo high on my right thigh. I got it when I was 41 as a sign of independence. 
  6. The thing I’m most disappointed in myself over is that I didn’t finish college. I was a home-ec major, that should surprise no one. 
  7. I hold a record in Oklahoma (or did last time I checked) for race-walking. It’s that weird-looking way of walking fast that makes you look like you need to go to the bathroom. It’s incredibly hard to do correctly but unlike running is not hard on your knees. 
  8. Going downhill on a bicycle that I’m steering terrifies me, but I find it exhilarating it on the back of our tandem.
  9. As I’m reading I look up big words or words that are unfamiliar. If a word I know is used a little different than usual – I look it up for alternative definitions. 
  10. When I was young I had a cat named Evel Kneviel. 
A suggestion for ten (or so) blog tags to read is forthcoming!
I had a whiz bang of a day in the studio dyeing today. Fall festivals are just around the corner and I’m trying to get a jump start on having plenty of hand-dyed yarns to offer at the events we attend. 
Lost City Knits will be debuting at several shows that Clear Creek Lavender regularly attends. I hope everyone has noticed the new “pages” added to the blog. We have a page for the Pattern Shop, Merino Yarn Shop, Silk Yarn Shop, and a page for the Oklahoma Fiber Partnership Yarns. Last week I heard from the mill and a new batch of Oklahoma Yarns will be shipped back to me late this month or early July. Another page with festival dates will be added soon.

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4 thoughts on “Ten Things, a Warm Shower and more…

  1. Oooh, can't wait to see what you've been up to with the yarn dyeing!!
    And I love it that you rode a motorcycle as a young teen!
    I look up words, too, but my big lovely unabridged was lost in the storm, and I haven't replaced it.

  2. I can't wait to see what you're dyeing either. The yarn you sent me is knitting up magically, it's like holding a cloud in my hands.
    I loved finding out that you got a tattoo at 41, I'm half considering getting one for my 30th birthday. I'm just worried about the whole “needle” part.
    And yeah, I look up words too. But far less than I used to as a teen. I also look up words in foreign languages occasionally.

  3. I'll have several new colorways up in the shop soon, all the Oak Barn Merino. I just love this yarn.

    Words have always intrigued me. Nolaboard – so many losses from the storm, including a beloved dictionary. I have a big one that remains open for easy page turning.

    And cgirl – I look up foreign words too! Right now I'm reading All The Pretty Horses and need a Spanish phrasebook badly. Plus I've long wanted an Estonian dictionary to help translate stitch pattern names.

    The needle used in tattooing is nothing really. It feels like you're being scratched.

  4. I hate buying shoes, too. I'm a 5.5-6 and narrow. Ugh… And I love everything bagels and coffee, too!

    Love the Warm Showers idea…wish we had a spare room. I'd sign up – I love cooking for people. 🙂

    Need to check out the new pages – I've been away from the computer too long!

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