Reviving the Churro

In case you missed it, here is a link to an NPR story about the Churro sheep and the Navajo Nation. Please read or listen. It’s worth the time to learn more about the Churro. The Churro, which was the first domesticated sheep in the New World, was thought to be eliminated but managed to survive despite the efforts of early US Government efforts. This article demonstrates the link Churro spiritually, financially, and emotionally to the Navajo Nation.

Well done, NPR!
“For as long as anyone can remember, Churro sheep have been central to Navajo life and spirituality, yet the animal was nearly exterminated in modern times by outside forces who deemed it an inferior breed. Now, on a Navajo reservation of northern Arizona and New Mexico, the Churro is being shepherded back to health….. Sacred Sheep Revive Navajo Tradition (click the link to read the rest of the story)

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