Every once in a while I ask someone who has left a comment how they found my blog. Recently someone said they just clicked the “Next” button at the top of the blog. Hmph. I’d only done that once or twice and didn’t see anything interesting. 

This morning we harvested in the lavender field but this afternoon it’s wicked hot outside (currently 91F but feels like 97F – according to the widget) so I’ve been inside tinkering with the website. Diversion was calling sweetly after several hours. So I decided to hit the “Next” button. Here’s what I found —

An interesting American knitter living in Italy. I read a few posts, she likes gardening, and is doing some work around her home, with the aid of someone named Augusto. Her blog is Olive Knitting.

Then I found an interior designer who takes some great photos. His blog is TartanScot.

Lastly, and only last because I thought it was a good place to stop while the “Nexting” was good. I found Just Roaming the Cities by Diane. Her status says she has no Current City and no Status. I kind of like that. It speaks to the gypsy side, although it seems she may reside in Minneapolis actually. Great photos – little writing. 

Do you ever hit “Next”? 


4 thoughts on “Next…

  1. Yes, I have clicked “next blog” when time permits. I, too, found Olive Knitting and now have a very good friend there.

    One of the reasons I click “next” is to see what people get when they click it from my blog. Does my blog take them to something somewhat like mine or something waaaaay out there? Usually it takes me to something that relates.

    As a matter of fact, I believe I found THIS blog with that “next” button.


  2. For some crazy reason, whenever I click “next”, I end up on some blog that has nothing but baby pictures or /pregnancy/baby stories on it. If I were a “mommy blogger” it would make sense.

  3. I always get scrapbookers. No offense to scrapbookers, but I keep clicking next to get past them to the knitters. So I actually click next about 20 times when I do it at all.

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