Generations – and a case of the sillies

I’ve been in need of a new computer for some time because my iBookG4 was limping along pretty badly. Some days all I could do was hold down the off/on key and walk away.

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Friday my new MacBook arrived! I’m getting familiar with it and this evening I played with the photo booth for the first time. It’s a bit weird taking photos of yourself. And let’s face it – the angle of a laptop screen isn’t exactly flattering. But look at this!
This is me after casting on a new project. Yes, anyone who has looked at my Ravelry project folder knows I have no business casting on another lace project but look how happy I am.

I have messy hair and bags under my eyes but people I’m happy! The new project is a self-design stole that I’m calling Generations. The swatch for this one has been hanging on the cork board above my desk for weeks, maybe months. (For some reason I don’t date my swatches.) The yarn is Oak Barn Merino in Fleeting Moments – Dawn. I can’t get a good photo of it with Photo Booth, but here is it’s glamour shot photo. 

The funny thing about this yarn is that it is so much prettier in a ball than it is in a hank. Usually it’s the opposite, or so I told Chris this afternoon when he spotted the ball of yarn beside my placemat on the table. As I said on my previous post this is my go-to yarn. It’s soft, really soft. And in this pale dusty lavender shade it’s subtle and not terribly showy. It’s just right for me. I think it’ll be good for the Generations Stole too. 
Generations, strange name for a lace stole huh? The deal is that about the second day the swatch hung over my desk I began to think of it as the peas-in-a-pod swatch. Then I got to thinking about that saying – peas-in-a-pod. Things that look alike, often people. It’s not uncommon for people to tell me how much my daughter and I look alike. We look like two peas-in-a-pod. It’s a big pod though. My daughter, Hillarey, is named for my maternal grandfather, his name was Floyd Hillary Gibson. Though we resemble my maternal grandmother, Ida Gibson, in stature it’s Grandpa Gibson’s grandmother who gave us our face. It’s the same shape, and the same straight hair. I have a photo of Agnes Jane. I’ll try to pull it out and scan it this week. My mother, Melba, has this same face. She got it from her father, he got it from his father, Troxie, who inherited it from Agnes Jane. 
No wonder I’m happy about casting on this stole (even though I haven’t finished the scarf version yet). Although maybe Agnes Jane wouldn’t understand the case of sillies with Photo Booth.

3 thoughts on “Generations – and a case of the sillies

  1. What cute pictures! Can't wait to see the Generations shawl.

    When I was a child, I looked identical to my mother at the same ages. However, when adolescence struck, I began looking more like my father. Now I see both of them when I look in the mirror…but I have Dad's smile and laugh. 🙂

  2. Great silly photos!
    Are we going to have a race on the stole? I know I will lose, but I'm loving it!! Uh, by the way, how many repeats of the chart do we do?
    I'm terrible at guessing how many rows are left in a dwindling ball of yarn… (Not that I will be there for a while!)
    This yarn is so soft, and the Cerrillos color so beautiful, that I just want to knit it all the time!

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