Mid-May Adventures on the farm

Here on the farm we’ve survived a few heavy storms and it seems that the sunny season has finally arrived. Chris has been harvesting the first bundles of lavender, while I’ve been busy in the studio making soap, washing fleeces and dyeing like a woman possessed.

Late last week we picked up our food coop order in Tahlequah and on our way back decided to drive up into the high country of our farm, which means taking the back road in and crossing the creek into the lower pasture instead of the more civilized county dirt road. The intent was to discover if the storms had caused any damage and if there were any trees down that needed attention and to well…enjoy the view naturally. The view was gorgeous and although the back gravel road needs a bit of maintenance we didn’t see any trees down. We call down trees a windfall. Yep, for the fact in that the wind blew them down and that we can then burn them for heat next winter after they’ve been chopped and seasoned.

Crossing the creek can be an adventure sometimes. The bank erodes in spring rains and sometimes the slope can be quite dangerous, even in with four wheel drive. A few of the boulders that are placed as a water break have moved out of place too. This is Chris trying to make an informed decision on whether we should chance the crossing or return to the gravel road and go back the way we came in.
May Creek Crossing
All went well, although I admit to holding my breath and the ohmygawd bar!

Last night from the kitchen window I spied the culprit who has chewed the dill in my herb bed down to the nubbin. Cute little thing isn’t it? Well – it can have my dill, but it better stay away from the basil and parsley. Our kitchen window is a fabulous place to watch nature. It faces the herb bed and the north pasture beyond. When we built the house we enlarged the window in the kitchen. Who cares about overhead cabinets when you can have a great view?
Dill devourer

And for a little sneak peek at what’s been happening in the studio here is a sampling of yarns that will soon be added to the sidebar Yarn Shop.
Sneak Peek

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5 thoughts on “Mid-May Adventures on the farm

  1. Beautiful, beautiful yarn. Your dying skills are a true gift.

    As for the cute rabbit – protect your other herbs by applying a tea made of lots of habanero flakes steeped in boiling water; strain off the next day, put in a spray bottle with several drops of dish detergent and apply. We have a squirrel sneaking into the garden via a trellis, and I'm about to brew some hot-cha tea for it.

  2. We have one of those big-eared buggers living in our yard this summer. I'm concerned about the fate of the herbs I'll be planting this weekend.

    The yarn…oh my…the green…no, the blue…no, the orangey…c

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