It’s all pretty simple really…

This thing we call life. It’s fairly simple. We can make it complicated, oh we can do that. But on this late spring evening sitting on an overturned galvanized bucket in a recently mowed pasture watching a gray heron cross overhead, and two of four dogs playing tag while the others watch, I am thankful for the simple life we lead.

It occurred to me as I was sharing the bucket with the one I love that I probably have never posted the name descriptions for the yarn line, except maybe the Oklahoma Fiber Partnership yarns. What’s in a name anyway? A glimpse into our little world…I guess. So below is a little glimpse into why I call our yarn line what I do. I hope you’ll enjoy knowing where the names are derived and a little about what they mean to me.

Keeping with my mellow and simple mood, tonight I’m swatching. I love a good swatchfest.

Lost City Silk
Six miles from our farm is Lost City, Oklahoma. Until recently, Lost City School was the only school where the Cherokee language was taught and spoken daily. Now all that remains is an abandoned school and an active cemetery. What better place to name a silk yarn after, both can easily slip away.

North Pasture Alpaca
Our north pasture has a zen path and an overturned galvanized bucket upon which dreams are spun. Just like the halo of alpaca, things tend to get a little hazy there.

Oak Barn Merino

Nearly every farm in rural Oklahoma has an old oak barn as does nearly every dyer have a merino yarn. Strong and warm, both are staples of our lives.

Tandem Wool/Silk

Riding a tandem or bicycle-built-for-two (ours is a blue Burley) is the idyllic dream of many people, and joyful when done by two well-suited to the task. The combined fibers of our wool/silk Tandem yarn are equally suited to bring you hours of wonderful knitting and a beautiful completed project.


5 thoughts on “It’s all pretty simple really…

  1. I love learning the “whys” behind the names! and with the whys in mind, the names make SO much sense!
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. I have a soft place in my heart for old abandoned schools. I wish I were rich and I would buy them and save them all!

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