Journal Swap!

See all the cool stuff? Those are from my journal swap partner. Her name is Jinn and she’s amazing. 
What pray tell is a journal swap partner? Here’s the skinny. On Ravelry there are groups for all sorts of hobbies and interests beyond just knitting. As some of you may know I’ve been keeping a journal forever. I first remember keeping a diary at age ten. There have been periods without journals or writing notebooks but not many. 
Back to the journal swap – once or twice a year a group organizes a journal swap. People post their answers to a questionnaire about their interests, needs, desires and type of journal they prefer. Now Ravelry is a knitting/crochet community so you know there is going to be yarn involved too. The organizer pairs up participants and they have 4-6 weeks to trade messages and get to know one another. 
My journal swap partner was a fascinating young woman in Wisconsin. We hit it off right from the start. She likes to travel, has musical talent, is a rock climber, is writing a novel, knits, does watercolor… See? Fascinating! 
I think our USPS packages passed somewhere in the midwest. What I sent her arrived a day before what she sent me. I was flabbergasted by my swap partner’s generosity and thoughtfulness when I opened my package. The wonderful purse-sized journals are eco-friendly and made from Italian paper and in colors I love. The paper – oh the paper is good! And one journal has graph paper, perfect for testing design ideas!  The yarn is a rich teal color lace yarn from Habu, and I do love Habu Textiles. This yarn requires much thought so I’ll chose the “right” pattern. 
And then…
She included a rock, and a framed photo. Strange? No – incredibly touching! She knew of my interest in Estonian knitting and my desire to someday visit Estonia. The photo is of a ruin in Estonia, and the rock is a memento from her trip to Estonia! Carried home in her backpack and now resting on my window ledge with other treasures. Estonia!!! 

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2 thoughts on “Journal Swap!

  1. Yes! I love Estonia and have been there several times by cruise ship. One of the times I put together lots of images and put them on line here:

    Those pictures are from waaaaay back in 2000. My Honey and I walked around Tallin several times on different visits. When our daughter was with us one time, she and I made the rounds of the gorgeous knit items for sale and bought some to bring home.

    I hope you get to go to Estonia soon! It a beautiful country of people who have embraced democracy after breaking away from the Soviet Union. The ladies knitting and selling their wares make beautiful items to support their families and for us to bring home.

    Very best,

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