Summer in the Foothills

More than a week ago I bound off my Summer in the Foothills scarf late on Friday night. I quickly put it on the blocking wires after minimal soaking. I could have gotten one or maybe two more repeats of the center leaf chart but I was in a hurry. Why rush when there is yarn still in the ball? The next morning was a market day of course! The new Oklahoma Fiber Partnership yarn was a hit at the farmers market and I was happy that despite the calendar proclaiming it was the second week of May that I was able to wear my new scarf. We leave the farm around 4am on market days and my scarf felt fabulous wrapped around my neck. In fact I wore it all through the market!

My stellar photographer is in town today taking care of business but I was suddenly anxious to snap a few photos to share. So here it is, Summer in the Foothills, an original design, in colorway Cerrillos from the Oklahoma Fiber Partnership with Country Garden Farm, in a Llama/Tencel blend. One skein of 400yds (with leftovers). The second photo shows the colorway best I think.

edited to add: Summer in the Foothills pattern will soon be available in the sidebar!


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