A Winner announced!

This is weird and I guess may give something away about me. No one chose my favorite dog movie. But cgirlslife mentioned Old Yeller and then passed on choosing it because she doesn’t like to cry.

I appreciate a good cry. Bawling my eyes out over a beloved pet is not an unusal reaction for a sensitive soul like me. Mention the last two pets we lost and I’m likely to make some screwy face while trying not to cry in public. Sometimes it even works. 
Cgirlslife – even though you didn’t chose my favorite movie – I think you may have wanted to, so I’ll be sending you some Lavender Patchouli soap! And a box of tissues in case you decide to watch a really good sad movie – like Old Yeller. Maybe even some yarn…. some yeller yarn.
Other readers and commentors – if you’re looking for a good blog check out cgirlslife‘s livejournal and I think you’ll enjoy it. Her entries are often short but personal and her observations are keen. I like popping over there and seeing what she’s up to and what teenage boy is hitting on her. I think you will too. 
Congratulations Cgirlslife!

psst send me an email with your snail mail address

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2 thoughts on “A Winner announced!

  1. Thanks so much.
    I admit, I DO love Old Yeller, I just tend to find things I have to do right at the end so I can avoid looking at the tv…..or send the husband to another room so he doesn't get that strange “My wife is crying and I don't know what to do about it” look on his face.

    Email is sent. FYI, I have a hotmail address, so you might have to check your spam filter.

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