Twenty-four hour – Contest Over!

Sometimes I overhear odd conversations that inspire me, like people listing their favorite dog movies.
You got one? 
I do, but I’m not telling – yet.
Share your favorite dog movie in the comments below (only one per contestant please!) and the first person to have the same one as I do wins a bar of my favorite handmade soap! Clear Creek Lavender Patchouli – it’s good – you won’t want to share this with the dogs.
Contest ends at 5:30am Sunday 16 May 2010, Lost City time. US participants only please.  
Additionally – my sister is excluded from this contest because she knows the answer already!

Here are two of our four farm dogs. 

Katie jonesing for the camera.
Tess in a quiet moment. 


8 thoughts on “Twenty-four hour – Contest Over!

  1. Lavender Patchouli soap? Oh my goodness, that sounds addictive.
    My first instinct for favorite dog movie is “Old yeller” but then I remembered…I hate crying.

    So I'm going with “Lady and the Tramp”….mostly for the scottie and the bloodhound that live next door.

  2. I'm wracking my brain…I think I must avoid dog movies (don't the dogs always die at the end?). I can't even think of a single movie with a dog in it – then again, I haven't had my coffee yet, so…LOL!!! Ok..Wizard of Oz – that Toto was a star!

    BTW, Katie's sweet face has stolen my heart.

  3. Jack London's Call of the Wild – I have a Leonberger, and I love the version with the Leonberger. Or, for my birthday my husband got me the movie of Greyfriar's Bobby. I have a picture of my by his statue in Edinburgh! Not many people know of Bobby, though, I'll go with Call of the Wild.

  4. Not that I'd win, since this one is off the wall – Scorcese's “The Age of Innocence” because of the all of the dogs that Mrs. Manson-Higgit has around her!

  5. Bummer, I would have said Call of the Wild as well, but that's taken. I'm going to go with disney Fox and the Hound Dog…who can resist the line “I'm a fox” “I'm a hound dog”. Well, you have to hear it to appreciate it I think, lol.

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