Simple Rambling

It is past midnight and I cannot sleep. I long for slumber, rest and the rejuvenation it would bring. Instead my minds swirls in thought.

We’re three weeks into our spring festival season.  Weekends are full of people, customers, some old friends we’ve not seen since the last farmers market back in October, new people we meet and like, people with questions regarding their lavender plants, people who didn’t know they could grow lavender in Oklahoma.  Each weekend we’ve been in a different town – Tulsa, Sand Springs, Jenks. This coming weekend we’ll be in Norman, Oklahoma for three days. Soon though we’ll be back at our home base of Cherry Street Farmers Market.

With our friends who do this same sort of thing we joke about the gypsy life – which is colorful and romantic. Although sometimes we call it a carnie life – also colorful but much less romantic.

Either way it’s so vastly different than the life we live here on the farm during the week.  Days on end without seeing anyone else, unless you count the cars we see passing on the dirt road.  The trees are thick with leaves now and even spotting cars on the road is less likely than it was a month ago. We work outside, or in the studio or do bookkeeping.  The phone may not ring for several days. The roar of the tractor is a more likely sound.

Tonight we took a walk with the dogs through the lower pasture and down to the creek.  Tess, the pup, was full of eagerness and curiosity. Katie the border collie treed the yellow cat we’ve seen around several times. Tess and Martha missed the action entirely.  All three dogs got into a game of fetching sticks we threw into the creek.  The only one who really understands fetching the stick and returning it to be thrown again is Tess.  Martha barks at us to throw another. Kate steals anything that Martha catches.

Twice we’ve spotted Luna Moths.  But as yet none have landed on our windows like last year.

The wild pigs have rucked and mucked up a portion of the lower pasture near the black walnut tree.  Their presence on this side of the creek disturbs me but explains what the dogs have barked about during the night hours.

Last night I woke to hear owls once and coyotes another time.  When I woke late this morning it was the monastery bells I heard through the open windows. All a pure treat to the ears and the imagination.

I picked a new book to read off the shelf, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Every single page must be read, even the title page, for odd little bits and gems, turns of phrases and strange humor or what seems like rambling. Tonight – this morning – I’ll begin the first chapter. I expect anguish and even beauty.

Simple rambling, that seems to be an apt description of this blog post. Nothing more. No great purpose. No great prose. Simple rambling.

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One thought on “Simple Rambling

  1. I remember luna moths…growing up in the country, they were a fairly common sight. I always thought they were so gigantic – big as sparrows, if not bigger! Last fall, I was in a museum in The Smokies and saw one on display…how small it looked…

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