Meet Paul…

This is Paul, our rural delivery postman. He travels the back roads, the black tops and the dirt and gravel roads. Paul delivers yarn, among other things.  Lovely luscious yarn. Sometimes he also takes yarn away – but that’s okay because it means another person receives yarn from their postman, who may be named Paul or Paula. Whenever an online order for Lost City Knits Yarn comes in it is mailed out USPS Priority Mail. I print the postage online and Paul picks up the package. He’s good that way. He knows it’s important. Surely there is a knitter somewhere in Paul’s gene pool.

Do you know the name of your postal carrier?   Befriend him or her. The civilized world is sometimes dependent on people like Paul.

6 thoughts on “Meet Paul…

  1. Regina, my UPS lady even came to visit me in the hospital last month! We really are good friends.

    OT, my daughter just told me she had gotten some of your lamb meat, and how good it was! I had sent her your information since she buys from the Co-Op there in Edmond, OK. I was hinting about yarn, but hey, someday! She did surprise me with a Golding spindle and a lucet at Christmas, so I know she gets my hints.

  2. Patti –

    We have a good UPS man too, and just met our new FedX delivery man last week.

    The lamb meat comes from the monastery on our road – I buy it through the food co-op too. Their Italian sausage is excellent!

    Tell your daughter we'll be in her area this weekend at the Norman May Fair – she can come fondle the new colors and shop early for your birthday.

  3. The Holler is blessed with the best dang mailchicks EVER. We get ace service. I leave a requesting note in the mailbox and they'll come to the house to pick something up for me. They've been known to deliver the day's mail, find more mail at the post office and bring it back THE SAME DAY. They wave when we pass on the highway. They ask after our son, Judd.

    For rural folk, a conscientious mail carrier is priceless.

    I love the USPS.

  4. What if one's postal carrier is the type who stamps at my (tiny) dog and doesn't respond when I say hello? Oy. Trouble is, I'd love to be friends with my mail carrier. He just wants to part of it.

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