Warning – this post not intended for any knitter who may be faint of heart.

You’ve heard people say “I almost swallowed my tongue” right?  It’s usually said with a breathy Southern accent. Maybe it’s just a saying here in Oklahoma, but I swear I almost swallowed my tongue a few minutes ago.

Thinking I’d sneak in a quick row on my Haapsalu Spring Stole I grabbed the spectacles and sat down to purl back the quick row I’d snuck in after breakfast this morning.  
That’s when I saw it.  
A dropped stitch that went back six rows and stopped just short of a nupp.  Yeah – that’s when I almost swallowed my tongue – now I know exactly what it feels like.  I very gently put my knitting down and then raced to find my crochet hook.  Then very gently — and barely breathing — I caught the errant stitch and held it in place until I could purl to the spot where I could slip it back on my needle after somewhat-successfully working my way back up in sorta-kinda the correct stitches.  
It doesn’t look as pretty.

I’m not going to show it though because I don’t want anyone else to almost swallow their tongue

I will definitely be having a Modela Especial with my tamales tonight.  Maybe two. 

4 thoughts on “Warning – this post not intended for any knitter who may be faint of heart.

  1. I find myself incredibly grateful that the stitch stopped a row ABOVE the nupp. Had it gone into the nupp… shudder… I just can't deal with that thought right now.

    ooh, another shudder.
    So glad you caught it in time!

  2. Dropped stitch? Short of a nupp? Above the nupp? You knitters are mysterious folk full of arcane danger and near disaster. I'm glad all my knottin' is in my shoe laces. I'm too weak to knit.

  3. Ugh, so sorry! I had to go back many a mile on my In the Bayou shawl from a dropped stitch and it made me utterly ill. No way I could have picked it up in pattern. Blah, these aged eyes!!

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