Meet Paul…

This is Paul, our rural delivery postman. He travels the back roads, the black tops and the dirt and gravel roads. Paul delivers yarn, among other things.  Lovely luscious yarn. Sometimes he also takes yarn away – but that’s okay because it means another person receives yarn from their postman, who may be named Paul or Paula. Whenever an online order for Lost City Knits Yarn comes in it is mailed out USPS Priority Mail. I print the postage online and Paul picks up the package. He’s good that way. He knows it’s important. Surely there is a knitter somewhere in Paul’s gene pool.

Do you know the name of your postal carrier?   Befriend him or her. The civilized world is sometimes dependent on people like Paul.

Simple Rambling

It is past midnight and I cannot sleep. I long for slumber, rest and the rejuvenation it would bring. Instead my minds swirls in thought.

We’re three weeks into our spring festival season.  Weekends are full of people, customers, some old friends we’ve not seen since the last farmers market back in October, new people we meet and like, people with questions regarding their lavender plants, people who didn’t know they could grow lavender in Oklahoma.  Each weekend we’ve been in a different town – Tulsa, Sand Springs, Jenks. This coming weekend we’ll be in Norman, Oklahoma for three days. Soon though we’ll be back at our home base of Cherry Street Farmers Market.

With our friends who do this same sort of thing we joke about the gypsy life – which is colorful and romantic. Although sometimes we call it a carnie life – also colorful but much less romantic.

Either way it’s so vastly different than the life we live here on the farm during the week.  Days on end without seeing anyone else, unless you count the cars we see passing on the dirt road.  The trees are thick with leaves now and even spotting cars on the road is less likely than it was a month ago. We work outside, or in the studio or do bookkeeping.  The phone may not ring for several days. The roar of the tractor is a more likely sound.

Tonight we took a walk with the dogs through the lower pasture and down to the creek.  Tess, the pup, was full of eagerness and curiosity. Katie the border collie treed the yellow cat we’ve seen around several times. Tess and Martha missed the action entirely.  All three dogs got into a game of fetching sticks we threw into the creek.  The only one who really understands fetching the stick and returning it to be thrown again is Tess.  Martha barks at us to throw another. Kate steals anything that Martha catches.

Twice we’ve spotted Luna Moths.  But as yet none have landed on our windows like last year.

The wild pigs have rucked and mucked up a portion of the lower pasture near the black walnut tree.  Their presence on this side of the creek disturbs me but explains what the dogs have barked about during the night hours.

Last night I woke to hear owls once and coyotes another time.  When I woke late this morning it was the monastery bells I heard through the open windows. All a pure treat to the ears and the imagination.

I picked a new book to read off the shelf, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Every single page must be read, even the title page, for odd little bits and gems, turns of phrases and strange humor or what seems like rambling. Tonight – this morning – I’ll begin the first chapter. I expect anguish and even beauty.

Simple rambling, that seems to be an apt description of this blog post. Nothing more. No great purpose. No great prose. Simple rambling.

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few words

During the busy season with lavender it seems the only writing I have a chance to accomplish in a day is a one sentence Tweet or a quick FB update – or a to-do list. 

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Last night I finally took time to develop the name and rough description for a colorway I dyed weeks ago. The colorway was in my head when I went into the studio and it turned out as I wanted, but I couldn’t settle on a name. I knew the general area because of the inspiration which fueled the yarn color – but last night I got it!

I’ll share soon…maybe after the new lavender beds are planted today.  Or the dyeing is done.  Or the reskeining….

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And the winner is…

LittleFires was chosen by the Random Generator over at
Congratulations LittleFires! Please send me an email with your snail mail address and your 
On A Clear Day preference – merino or alpaca!
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A brief contest interruption..

I just wanted to show a quick photo of the Haapsalu Spring Stole that I took this morning.  It’s about halfway finished.  Most of the little errors will massage out when I soak and block it after casting off.  

Now scroll to the post below for your On A Clear Day contest entry!
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On A Clear Day – the contest!

Contest closed!  Winner Announced Later Today!

I spent part of last week cleaning more Oklahoma fleece to send the mill and have spun into yarn.  Which prompted me to repeat the wooly nursery rhyme in my head over and over.  You know the one… var gaJsHost = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “https://ssl.” : “http://www.”);document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src='” + gaJsHost + “’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));

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(I’ve always thought of myself as the black sheep of the family.)

Now I’m back to work cleaning the rest of the wooly goodness from Cordero Farms.  
Isn’t that pretty and fluffy and well…wooly? 
Now think how luscious it will be when milled with a little silk or maybe bamboo!
Here’s a short video that Nancy from Cordero Farms filmed of the sheep racing into fresh pasture!
So while I’m up to my elbows in wool this week how about a little contest?
In the comments below leave a note about what you like to do On A Clear Day, along with a link to somewhere you’ve shared about the contest (ie Ravelry, FB, Blog, or Twitter) and at 6pm Friday night, Lost City time, I’ll let the random generator choose a winner.  The prize will be a skein of either North Pasture Alpaca cobweb weight yarn or Oak Barn Merino lace weight yarn in colorway – you guessed it – On A Clear Day.  Remember – comment and link are both necessary to win. US participants only.

eta: the first batch of Oklahoma Fiber should arrive from the mill in early May!  

When you’re cold…

I want to give a shout out to all the knitters who showed up at the 
Sand Springs Herbal Affair on Saturday despite the drippy weather!  
For those who aren’t in the Oklahoma area, the Sand Springs Herbal Affair is the big mama of herb events in our area. It’s been going on for more years than I can remember – although I do recall taking Hillarey when she was barely school age to play in the Peppermint Alley tent that is set up for young children with games galore. There’s also a stage established in the town square where live music is played, complete with straw bales in case you have a mind to sit a spell. 
It’s a busy day for us usually and my friends Merry and her partner Katrina did some essential herb shopping for me early in the day. Next week I’ll be planting witch hazel, dill, thyme, rosemary and a long list of herbal goodness in my new herb bed.  Good friends Danny and Cathy were our amazing helpers this year in the booth and I’ve got to say we probably couldn’t do an event like this without their help! If you visited our booth you saw first hand how important they were!
Other than shopping for herbs I have friends who simply must have a Pineapple Whip each year in Sand Springs, or a blueberry pie from the Amish ladies. I picked up a few bags of homemade noodles from the Amish then went over to their hot food tent and had a steaming bowl of chicken noodles for a late lunch.  
My parents, cousins, friends and strangers stopped by the lavender booth to stock up on plants, soap and even yarn. In fact, one of the nice women I met last year at Stringtown in Ft Smith, Arkansas when I was working with Kay on the Traveling Shawl project came by the booth.  Stringtown is a great shop and if you’re near Ft Smith stop in and chat with Elizabeth the owner. You’ll like her. Buy some yarn while you’re there too. 
The lavender booth was even visited by Tulsa Derby Brigade skaters!  At one point I looked up and spotted Criminally Insane the lightening fast Brigade jammer. Now how cool is that?

This morning the weather here on the farm is still drippy. It’s chilly too, not quite enough to fire up the wood stove but enough to pull on some hand knit socks. Or… to start knitting a new scarf.  Yeah…I’m like that. No name yet for the scarf since I’m kind of making it up as I go along.  There’s a border I like and a center I like, and maybe a second border between the two… Pictures when it begins to look like something – or – when I decide just where I’m going with it for certain.  
I’ve loved the shading of the On A Clear Day yarn since I first pulled it out of the dye pot. Very gentle shading I must say. So yes, I’m cold and I cast on something to keep me warm. 
Am I the only person who does such things?