Introducing – Tess

Allow me to introduce our newest member of the farm.  Tess was found this week on a dirt road near our house.  She’s a lovable dog without being needy or annoying.  Her gawky puppiness is adorable.  She follows us around, as well as following Martha who does find Tess annoying.  But since the other dogs (and we humans often) find Martha annoying – it’s quite funny.

Chris wants to be leader of the pack or is that pack leader?  I’m guessing he’ll be researching what Caesar Milano has to say.  But me – I’m wanting a companion. The kind of dog you call your best friend.  
I’m trying to avoid a rant here but what in hell compels people to dump a dog or a cat to an uncertain fate on any given rural road?  Of our now four dogs – three were unwanted lost dogs, Katie, Martha and Tess.  Stormy was a city dog,  when city friends moved to a even more urban area they needed to find a home for her and she was brought to our farm.  
The dogs usually sleep outside over at the old farmhouse, but this morning Tess was curled on our porch beside the wood pile.  Now how adorable is this sweet girl?  
Obviously, I’m already head-over-heels crazy about Tess.  

7 thoughts on “Introducing – Tess

  1. Part of me want to cry. Part of me wants to laugh. Part of me wants to hunt down and smack very hard–terminally so–the SOB who dumped this darling. We also have a dumped dog and she's the best dog we ever had. That's high praise. A total fool threw her away. I suspect you'll be feeling the same way about Tess as you grow to know and love one another. Give her a pat for me and hug yourselves. Y'all have heart. Big cosmic/good karma heart.

  2. She's a sweet looking Tess – oh, that picture of her curled up by your back door! I know she's at a good home, and triple damn people who dump dogs. More to the point, who aren't responsible enough to neuter their pets in the first place.

    My Hoover [yes, named after a vacuum. It's the way he eats…]was adopted & returned 3 times before I got him. He's such a comic, he makes me laugh a lot. Can't imagine anyone returning him. Your three adopted dumped dogs are the best.
    Blessings to Tess & her loving heart; blessings to you & Chris for the same.

  3. The best dog I ever had was a dumped dog. While in line for the bank, I saw a fancy car with a male and female dog of the exact breeds we suspected went into our puppy, and the same colors they would have had to be, too. Part of me wanted to track the people down and have their showing license revoked (they looked like the sort of people who would show, and the sort of dogs who were shown), if they had one, but part of me wanted to thank them, because if they hadn't abandoned that litter of puppies we never would have gotten Sir Galahad. When he died, I wished I had written down their license plate number so I could track them down and see if their prissy purebreds had had any more illicit affairs.

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