This is Spring?

Spring arrived in a most unusual way this year in Oklahoma.  Friday the temperature was about 70F, then on Saturday the snow began and what I’d estimate was about seven inches fell. It didn’t stick around long and today only a few traces in dark shadowed places remained.  

I don’t think I’ve seen so many birds on our feeders as there were this weekend.

I had could have sworn I was Tippi Hedren.
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2 thoughts on “This is Spring?

  1. I KNOW! Hasn't it been a weird coupla days? The birds are thick here, too. It's the hungry time. I have lame and bent daffydils from the snow, but fresh ones still coming on…..

    Tippy Hedren! OHMIGAWD! Blast from the past, Alfred….

  2. Sometimes, looking at your pictures, I actually miss snow…
    And then I remember all those years living in the mountains, and scraping my windshield every morning for months and months, and it goes away.

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