Poetry in Lace

The Percy Shawl was named for Percy Shelley, one of the finest English Romantic poets and a favorite of the designer, Sanne Kalkman. In this incredibly lovely shawl I too see romance and poetry in the arch of the stitches, the punctuation of the nupps in the border and the delicacy of the overall effect.

edited to add: I now realize that when I went in for my 6 month hair cut last week my hair dresser wasn’t commenting on how my lower section of hair was sun bleached.  She was talking about the amount of gray at the top of my head!  I didn’t know there was so much until I saw these photos.  It’s kind of cool!  
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8 thoughts on “Poetry in Lace

  1. It is stunning – but blue? Are you feeling ill? You should have put a nice grey stripe in there for good Bell measure. (TPgirl)

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