Swatching Walker – post 2

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, Volume I, Chapter 10 – Lace
Herringbone Faggoting
Half Herringbone Faggot
Herringbone Faggot
Reverse Herringbone Faggot
Double Herringbone Faggot
Herringbone stitches are designed to resemble the center spine of the herring fish.  Imagine some clever knitter gaining inspiration for her knitting from the remains of dinner – or maybe breakfast.  Inspiration strikes in the most unusual places!
There isn’t a lot of difference in the first three herringbone stitch patterns.  Upon close inspection though I saw the ribs of the Herringbone Faggot were cleaner lines and more pleasing to my eye.  The Double Herringbone Faggot (top) distributes the same center twenty stitches in a five -stitch repeat instead of the four-stitch repeat for a more open appearance.
I was in the midst of knitting the Percy Shawl frost flowers section during the time I was knitting the herringbone faggots.  The frost flowers are intense rows with lace on both sides and the simplicity of the faggot swatch was quite a relief with which to alternate my time. 
This got me thinking about what some knitters refer to as Knitting ADD.  While the faggoting was a relief I can imagine a project composed almost entirely of faggoting would not hold my attention very well.  In short, I’d be bored to tears and probably never finish.  How many projects do knitters have stashed away in dark places because they became so tired of knitting the same repeat that they just lost interest?  I’m betting this happens a lot.  Of course, I’d probably become overly frustrated with an intense lace project that continued to beat me up with non-stop complexity.  Such as endless repeats of frost flowers would probably bring me to tears.
For me a good lace project must contain a balance of difficult stitches and soothing simple ones to keep me intrigued and devoted to the pattern long enough to finish. Of course, this probably is as good a lesson for life as it is for knitting lace.  Maybe this why weekends are so important? 
Yarn: Lost City Silk, colorway Wild Violet

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