Question for the knitters – plus Percy blocking

Tonight I will be binding bound off my Percy Shawl. While I’m excited to see how it blocks, my mind is already moving ahead to the next shawl – the next two shawls actually.  Swallowtail is next, then Baltic Blossoms.  Yes – nupps galore!

The next Swatching Walker post should be up this weekend – Monday at the latest.  

Here’s the question:

How long do you take between finishing a big knitting project and casting on the next one?

 Now I’m not talking about those multiple WIP’s that are always on the needles – like socks or the half-finished and nearly forgotten scarf forget those (or have you already?) – but how long before the next “big” thing that will consume your thoughts, dreams, and knitting time?

Edited to add a quick photo of the Percy Shawl on the blocking wires.
Lost City Knits Tandem Yarn in colorway Avalon.

Percy Shawl

8 thoughts on “Question for the knitters – plus Percy blocking

  1. For me it's usually a month or two. Since I finished Tea Leaves, I haven't cast on for anything big – just socks and toys. Same with Frozen Leaves, I keep meaning to start my next shawl and just can't … but soon

  2. I usually like to have one big project in the works, and then a couple smaller ones.
    I always have something lace going, because that's what I really want to be knitting, but sometimes what the babies need comes first!
    I usually begin the next big project as soon as I finish the last one, but I'm ALWAYS dreaming of projects about 10 in a row ahead!!
    This is why stashes get out of hand!!

  3. I always have a few shawl patterns waiting in the wings. When I finish a shawl, I'll choose the next. So far, and I've only finished 3 shawls, I have cast on right away. Your Percy is lovely. Janine

  4. I feel like I'm always brainstorming about the next great thing! But that might be why I always feel less than satisfied- I'm always looking for an ideal rather than what is now… Hmmm… What a good question!

  5. Hmmm… says the gal with multiple big projects going. I'll likely wait at least a few days… but I tend to have at least 2 biggies, and some mediums, and a small or two all at once. 🙂
    So I'm never wholly without a big project. I start them when I get bored, frustrated … or too excited about the new one to wait

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