Shifting of Seasons

This morning I left a sleeping man in the bed and walked wearing only my cotton robe and my wellies to open the greenhouse. The breeze whipped up the fabric – worn thin from twelve years of washing and secured only with a sash – as if it were nothing.  Fresh chilled air surrounded my skin that has been layered in wool and denim for the long months of fall and winter. My unbrushed hair slashed my face with stinging force and then as quickly flew away.  The trees called out an invitation as the wind tossed their limbs and branches in a swaying dance and I lifted my arms and joined them. 


6 thoughts on “Shifting of Seasons

  1. Dang…I wish! It was 20 degrees here in Taos this morning. Yesterday we woke up to snow and then rain. At least today it's not precipitating, and it's supposed to warm up into the 40's.

  2. 20 degrees in Taos would be glorious – of course so would 40 degrees!

    The morning I left the TWF that year I saw you there there was a fabulous heavy frost that made me want to stay the season.

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